Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anatomy& Physiology, Plus Guilty Pleasures

What I have gotten myself in to!! Last night was my first class and after looking at the syllabus I am momentarily questioning my sanity at taking this class. Anatomy & pysiology, Cardiac Arrest Management, Bleeding & Shock and finally Head and Spinal Injury Management. Just to name a few. There are many Saturday classes that will run all day from 9 - 4 PM. Beginning in Nov my clinical time will start and I will have to arrange my own hours at the hospital. Guess I'll squeeze them in around coffee mega giant time. Text book was provided, but I have to go out and get my own stethoscope this weeekend. I never realized that after so many years I would be playing doctor again!! :-)

Well anyway, I know I can do this. It will just be a matter of doing the homework and being a very serious student. Sometimes NOT how I approached my college career. Also NOT keeping late nights!! I had made the mistake of being out until 1:00 AM on Tuesday night, with the gal pals at BW 3's, and I paid dearly for that!!! So I will refrain from putting myself through that torture again.

Learned a ton of things at coffee mega giant for the first day too. Came home smelling like mocha & coffee beans. Not that that is a bad thing. I kept sniffing myself throughout the rest of the evening at class. Went there straight from coffee work. My feet were talking to me that is for sure!! I also had had WAAAAAAY too much caffeine, as if there is such a thing, and had to pee all night long.

What made me think about the guilty pleasures was an interview with someone that was talking about staying home at night and watching their fav guilty pleasure show that they had TiVo'd. So, I thought that I might share mine and see what you all might have lurking in your closets. What do you love to watch, but don't usually tell anyone for fear of seeming like a bowling alley bimbo.

Mine is Judge Judy. There, I said it!! I even dressed as her one Halloween after doctoring up my graduation robe. I am not sure why I watch, but maybe it is because so many of the people that appear on there are just train wrecks waiting to happen. Maybe because I can not believe that some people would actually take their stuff on TV and let it all out for a national audience. Who knows. Maybe a good sociology class could explain it for me, but for now I just keep the TiVo running and when I come home all tired and stressed out it is something to throw on and just unwind to........ kinda like a nice wine or a good chocolatey candy bar.

So, what is yours?


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

yWoW!What a busy beaver.I am tired just reading about your day.I actually like the fragrance,the wiff,the ambiance of coffee beans.

As for a Tv secret pleasure,I really can't think of one.I do have 'default' shows.Whem I am skipping through the channels and nothing else is on I will either watch 'TNG' or 'Eveybody Loves Raymond'.

esteban said...

Because I am lazy and prefer to hit the snooze button three times rather than get up and make coffee, I find myself at the 'coffee giant' a lot. Usually I just get a medium coffee with cream. For whatever reason, the barista always tries to make me call it a 'grande', which I will not do. Freedom of speech apparently doesn't apply at said establishment. You should try and get this policy changed.

As far as my guilty pleasure TV show goes. It's listed in the above paragraph, I'm too ashamed to come right out and say it.