Friday, September 01, 2006

Law & Order Junkie

I am so tired this AM!! I have no one to blame, but myself. I knew that I had to get up early this AM, with lots of running around to do, but I got hooked into an episode of Law & Order that I had never seen and that was it. At 8:00PM I turned on one of the many cable channels that plays all the re-runs of said show. It was an old one, that had Lenny teamed up with Benjamin Bratt, and it also was one that I had never seen. Hard to believe, I know, considering how many times of day that it is on and how many channels.

Well, it was a very good one, and it was still early, I thought I could watch it and be lights out by 9:00. Well, suddenly at nine it said,"to be continued" and I said,"No way!" Well of course I had to see how it ended because I had no idea who did it, so I keep tuned on. It just got even more complicated and interesting the second hour. Then at 10:00 it ended even more abruptly than the previous hour and was a frickin' 3 parter!! I could not believe it. This had never happened to me.

Well, I made it till 10:15 of part three and that was all she wrote. It was not that I fell asleep, but that I was just getting so tired and I knew that 5:00AM was going to come as a shock to my system. And it did. When the alarm went off I actually hit the snooze, something that I never did when I actually had to get up at this inhuman hour. I have to drive the men folk around this AM so that I can have the vehicle today and run various errands.

Today I go and pay for my EMT class. I am now finally getting a bit jittery about this. I know that I am smart enough and that I will be able to do it, but just finally getting nervous about beginning a new chapter in my life.

I also have to go and get , what I hope is the last, check-up on my foot. It is healing and I sure am loving those Epsom salt soaks. NOT!! Dang that crap burns. I have never used it before and on an open area it is not the most comfortable place to be. Yesterday I actually got back to my weight workout, just standing there not doing too much with my feet, and it felt good to be back in action. Did my tai-chi workout and still had to be careful about how I placed my heel on the ground. With my class being on Mondays from 6-9 I will have to see if my tai-chi instructor can move me to another of his classes. He teaches in other venues and I hope there is one that I can move to. My EMT class will be Mon.& Wed.

So, I am off to get myself moving. I may even go out and have lunch with my old teaching companions. I have heard that a few of the repeat kids have been asking about me. Kinda nice, I do miss them.


The Drew said...

WoW!Dharma you are a great example to us all.You do more before seven o'clock then most people do ina day.Changing directions mid stream seems like no challenge at all to you.Good luck on your new class and profession.I highly admire you for this..turning a minus into a least you didn't get stuck into the middle of a
'24' marathon:-)

Anonymous said...

Three-parter. Figures!


Dharma said...

Drew, I haven't watched 24 for a long time. The first 2 seasons I was hooked, but then started to miss one here and there and then just stopped. I do love Keifer Sutherland though!! He'd be on my top 10 hotties list!!