Friday, September 08, 2006

Career Test

Your Career Personality: Detail-Oriented, Observant, and Hard-Working

Your Ideal Careers:


Family counselor

Independent store owner

Interior decorator

Museum curator


Preschool teachers

Social worker

Stay at home parent


The Quick and Dirty Career Test
How interesting since I have been a teacher for the last 5 years and am currently preparing to enetr into a nursing type situation/program. Thanks for the link and hours of fun Mixter!!


thedrew102 said...

I took this test.Ha!proves what it knows.It said I was going to be a novelist!

Dharma said...

You could be.

Mixter said...

It's amazing, really. I got the link from KathyR's blog, and it said she should be a lawyer. She WAS a lawyer, and is looking into other things. Too funny how it picked up on your talents, too!