Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Mannequin

I forgot to mention the mannequin. In all the excitement of the past week I managed to pick-up a store mannequin for my sons room.

How did that come about, you ask, well let me elaborate. My friend has a local business and sells wedding gowns etc. She is going out of business and is getting rid of everything in the store. Shelves, furniture and, you guessed it, mannequins. I did not even think to ask him until SO suggested it, so I did and he said that he would like to have one. Surprised me. That is something more like I would do, but since we already have too much clutter I refrained from getting one for myself.

So, I disassembled the young lady and stuffed her into the rear of my Tracker. I helped my friend when she opened this business, 6 years ago, and I am now helping as she brings it to a close. Only seemed fitting that I should be there. Well, we shared a nice bottle of chardonnay and cleaned up and then I stuffed my new friend, or I should say my sons new friend, into the vehicle.

Got her out and assembled the next morning. I added a hat and a tee shirt. He has since added jeans and a different tee shirt and several hats. She is very hip looking. I told him he should name her. My offering was Moneypenny.

The funny thing about her, she has been scaring the crap out of us at regular intervals!! I took clean laundry into the room the other morning and screamed. He was brushing his teeth, before school, and about wet his pants he was laughing so hard.He had to sit down. She has done the same to him as well. Everytime I am here alone and even just walk down the hall, and catch her in my peripherial vision, I am startled. I wonder how long this will go on.

SO is just returning from Oklahoma today and I am sure he has forgotten that we now have her. I can't wait to see if he has the same reaction. Ahhhh, we get our kicks where we can.


Anonymous said...

I think she would scare me, too!


Dharma said...

We laugh at ourselves quite often!!