Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Book to Add to the List

Watching the Daily Show yesterday I saw Gary Hart was talking about his new book. Shown on this page. He had some interesting things to say about what some of the problems with the democratic party are and what they could do to change those. It was very interesting and I found that Amazon has the book for $14.95, so I may pick that up this weekend. Here are a few things that were talked about:

When asked what the problems, with the party, are he said," They need to re-identify what they stand for and what the Democratic party stood for. One nation pursuing social justice. They believed in international alliances to make us secure." Does he mean alliances as opposed to the thought that we are the country that needs to be the bully and push others around? That we need to go and strong arm everyone else to show our might? Enforce our thoughts and policies on others? That we are right, no matter what? I doubt it.

He says that the party lost direction when they got taken over by highly paid consultants, media experts, polsters and focus group experts. Politicians said,"Just tell me what I need to say to get to the center." Instead of," Here's what I stand for." Boy, how refreshing would that be!! From ANY politician. Then, he says, the center comes to him or her.

He finished the interview by saying," We don't need to sacrifice our constitutional liberties to make our country secure."

Amen to that brother!!

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thedrew102 said...

Us Deomocrats have always been mutts.But ya gotta keep the pack together somehow.