Monday, September 18, 2006

Hecklers, Katie Couric , Bush & Me Time

Well, here it is Monday, my mom has gone back home and I am ready to do a little posting!! Read quite a bit of news this weekend, so I have several tid-bits to speak about that caught my attention in the papers. The nice thing about going into the coffee mega giant, on a Sunday, is that people leave their papers behind so you can pick up and read all of them. Now I do have plenty to do today, especially since this is the first day of the new part time job with the coffee mega giant, BUT I have the need and drive to say a few things since I had to entertain all weekend. The world keeps on turning even though mom is over for dinner and a fire. By the way with the cool 57 degree fallish evening it was a beautiful night to have a fire!

Maybe those of you that are big sports fans and frequent them could comment on this one because I seldom go to live events since they are cost restrictive. You have to take out a small business loan just to get to an event, park and heaven forbid you get a few hot dogs and Cokes!! Then your kid spills the $8.00 Coke!! Anyway, it seems that a fan of the Cleveland Indians decided to heckle a player with a "fat ass" taunt and it got him into some hot water.

Friday a federal court ruled, 2-1, that fans can heckle as long as they are not drunk or too rowdy. I thought that most of the people that did heckle, at least those that do it strenuously, were drunk. My bad. It seems that the 34 year old was ejected by an off duty police officer and charged with resisting and disorderly conduct. The officer was off-duty and working security at the ball game. He found the taunts to be profane language. He claims that the fan resisted and that he had to wrestle him to the ground.

He had been hollering," Branyan, you suck" and "Branyan, you have a fat ass." It is unknown if the player heard these taunts. He has sued the officer for excessive force and violating his First Amendment right to free speech. Jeers do not amount to "fighting words" which are not protected under the First Amendment. The judges noted that fans have a long history of hurling insults at players.

The Indians actually went on to win that game, with the Toronto Blue Jays, and Branyan had three hits.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all this Katie Couric and the Nightly News bonanza??!! I can not even believe that she and CBS are having some sort of contest for people to help her come up with a nightly "sign off" catch phrase. Oh, I think I am going to be ill. I don't watch any of the network news shows, so all my info has come from USA Today, MSNBC and other sources as well as political cartoons, so if this is important please correct me. Although, I doubt it. I am just appalled at what a circus this whole thing with her and Merideth Viera has been, oh yeah, and Rosie O'Donnell taking a seat on Vieras old show. Why is anyone so wrapped up in this? Who still watches those programs?` They have made such a big deal that you would have thought that it was the "second coming" on the Today show. They have talked about Katies clothing choices on the Nightly news, Merideths chemistry with Matt........ I mean it goes on and on and on. Enough to make you dizzy just trying to stay on top of it all. Jon Stewart had a great clip of Matt Lauer actually throwing Merideths hand off of his on the show this past week. A very funny clip. If you ever see it or I come across it on You Tube I will be sure to post it. A subtle, yet somewhat Freudian move if you ask me. Just so sad when there are so many other things going on in the world. I can understand a few "feel good" bits about puppies and kids, but this is WAY a waste of time.

Next......... I can not believe that he (Bush) is SO working the fear angle. It is just such a low tactic, but as we all know, it works!! Warning the nation that we could be at risk of another serious attack if Congress doesn't approve the White House guidelines for interrogating and trying suspected terrorists. This also goes along with what Mixter has been talking about for a few posts.

"I wish I could tell the American people,'Don't worry about it. They're not coming again'," Bush said of terrorists. "But they are coming again." Okay, bring on the scary music, dark spooky-looking foreigners and the booming base drums! Let's scare the b'jeezus out of all the old people and the easily frightened. lets remind everyone how unsafe we are and terror is lurking under every rug and around every corner. When in doubt they always pull out all the scare tactics and catch phrases to remind everyone how bad 9/11 was and they are going to keep blowing us up. I am not saying that something won't happen again, some day, but for cryin' out loud they make it "or" fault if we don;t let them have their way. It's like playing with the kid that will quit the game if you don't play by HIS rules!! "Fine! But you'll be sorry if you don't do this!" Can't you almost see him stamping his foot and pouting as arms are folded.

Even Sen. McCain realizes how important the Geneva Covention provisions are. Hard to convince BushCo though as he feels that such a move would "compromise efforts to gain intelligence" about terrorist operations. he wants legislative action before the Congress goes home in two weeks!! he went on to say,"Time is running out." More scare. Running out for us would be the suggestion there. Something bad will happen soon if you don't do this seems to be the idea here. Oh really?

When conservative military guys like McCain stand up to the president people need to take notice and see how wrong the White House is on this issue. Bush said that Common Article 3 of the Convention was "...wide open to interpretation...." How can you not shake your head and wonder...... how wide open is his head?

Finally........CNN was talking about "me time". The idea that women no matter if they are single, married, moms or childless, are endlessly fulfilling every obligation except the one to themselves. A recent poll showed that women of all strata of society feel overwhelmed with all the insatiable demands on them. well, I don't know about some of you women, but I have finally taken control over that part of my life. How about you? I have found that even though I may have many things on my plate, projects started, school, work, family etc., no matter what I am doing I MAKE time for the one or two things that I like to do that give me peace. This blog is one of them. Right now there is laundry that is just waiting to be sorted, a floor somewhere that wants mopped a bed that wants made. Oh well, I do this for me. This is my relaxation. That bed will be there later, it ain't goin' no where. The world is not going to end just because I might not make the bed today. It also does not matter who might see it un-made. I have discovered that when I am happy I enjoy my life so much more. If I choose to read a book, for an hour or so, I am happier than if all my laundry is on hangers and folded in baskets. I know I am important and I make sure that I do not ingnore me. Just remember, if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy!!!!


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Good luck on your new job.I remeber going to an Indians game back in my youth,yelling silly stuff,like to CARL RIPKEN:"Hay,Cal,you got a Ripken your shorts!I suppose clapping will be outlawed pretty soon.
Funny,talking about where we get the news,until they started making you pay fro it,I used to find a balanced source of news was 'The Naked News'.They had more news then the news channels.I wonder if they are still around?

I have nothing against woman having down time.I think everyone should...but who would get my beer for me?Oh,that's right,I got three kids:-)

Mixter said...

I haven't seen any of Katie Couric on the CBS News yet. I probably won't bother, since I usually don't watch the evening news.

I can't believe the President of the United States believes it is okay to torture anyone! I posted about an article in the Washington Post today about a Canadian Muslim who was rendered to Syria of all places and was tortured until he confessed to training in Afghanistan. However, he never did...

BushCo needs to listen to McCain, et al, and start playing by the rules before he makes things worse Americans everywhere.