Thursday, September 07, 2006

More SNAFU's with Unemployment & Other Stuff

Frustration levels were running high today as I traversed the maze known as unemployment. I knew that once I dialed that 1-800 number I was going into a foreign place. I should have taken along a friend or someone to pull me out, when it got crazy, but I thought I was going to be able to handle it alone. What was I thinking!! I barely made it out alive.

I thought that I was smart, pulling out the nice file that I have started, keeping all the various papers orderly, neat and ready at a moments notice if called upon. I had clean, new paper and several pens at the ready. Dated the top and dialed. Prepared to make my numerical selections when prompted.

Because you know it takes forever to get a human on the other end of the phone. Someone finally came on, I began to explain the situation from the LAST SNAFU and gave her all the details. Went through ALL the personal info that establishes who you are etc. Blah, blah, blah. Then the unthinkable happens......... we were disconnected!! The line went dead. I sat there for a moment not able to believe the total silence that was on the end of the receiver.

"No way!" I could not believe that I had to call back. Okay, no problem. Until........... You can not just call back. I thought if I just pressed the "o" I would get the operator right away. Not so. I had to go through several menu options until the operator. Then when I asked for the girl I had just been disconnected from I was informed that this new girl was in such & such city and did not know where that person was that I just was speaking with, but she was sure that she could help me. I was ready to cry.

I really did put my head in my hands and said,"I can't believe this." I told her that I did not want to go through all of this again, could I please just give her the Readers Digest Condensced version? Still had to go through so much. It took awhile for her to realize that I am already in the system and did not need to file a NEW case, but rather to file first week until I get my new PIN, via snail mail, and after that I can file on-line.

I still have two more weeks to file and she says that I probably will not get the first check until the week of the 18th. That is the week that I am supposed to begin work at the coffee mega giant. It is only part time, so I may still qualify for some unemployment compensation. We'll cross that bridge when it comes.

I can not even imagine what part of this system they think is easier than talking directly with someone who is sitting at a desk directly across from you.Really, dealing with people is becoming a thing of the past. Now we just push buttons and make choice, or utter phrases, it's not until we screw it up that they decide to let us have a real person to talk to. Fine with me. Maybe it's just easier to screw up.

Then, tonight I had another of those "in my face moments where I realized something profound to me." That has been happening to me quite often these days. The idea that a leopard can change its spots and I need to stop expecting it to happen. Things are what they are. I have to stop thinking that people should change. If they do, fine, but it is not for me to decide. No matter if I find them annoying or irritating..whatever the case may be. I guess if you can find a way to make it work, the way they are, then fine, otherwise change friends. I guess I have to look back at what made it work in the first place and try to find the real essence of what it was all about in the beginning. Stop trying to put the square pegs in the round holes!!

Tomorrow is going to be one busy day, so I thought that I might get something out tonight. Bills to pay, gotta register for my class AND pay for it. Yuck. Hopefully last doctors appt. for the foot. Walked the dogs today and I think I did too much because it is very tender tonight, well the tai-chi didn't help. Puts too much weight on the heel.

I am very tired and seem to be rambling, so I will say so long for tonight and thanks for stopping by.


thedrew102 said...

Sorry to hear about your snafu.It will work itself out.The Bible says how you judge you shall be judged.I think that you are very wise in accepting that a person is who they are and instead of projecting your judgement on them,you are aware of them as them.

Mixter said...

I think that they make filing for unemployment so difficult on purpose!