Sunday, September 10, 2006

Political Rally , Bee Stings & 9/11

I added the, Captain Jack Sparrow For President, button simply for my own pleasure or for anyone else that might have drooled over him in those movies. Sorry guy readers, but sometimes there has to be a little eye candy for this truly to be my blog!! I must add though, that I would love to be the first lady in that administration!! But seriously................

Yesterday I went to a rally in the county seat held by the Democratic Coalition for the Governor of Ohio. It was Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher and all the local Dems. It was a very beautiful, sunny day and I was even lucky enough to find a very good parking space that was a close walk. The foot is still healing and tender to walk on. Not moving at my usual clip yet.

As I was walking around on the grass, in front of the courthouse, jockying for position I must have picked up a bee. I guess I should first mention that I was wearing what many would call one of my "hippie skirts" that drag the ground. Next thing I know I am feeling a sharp pinch/poke on my right hip area. I began to do a strange little dance motion to try and shake out what might be in there. As I am doing this I am moving towards the sidewalk and a bench. It keeps stinging and I finally grab open the waistband and peer in there and see that whatever was there is gone, but I indeed had been stung and a red welty area was rising.

A nice older lady, sitting on the bench, offered me a piece of ice from her cup to put on the sting and it helped right away. Then I remembered that I had some antihistamine tablets in my purse and I took those. Well, it all helped and it didn't really bother me through the program. It did smart latter that evening.

It was a great rally and the first time I had heard the man speak in person. I was already planning to vote for him, but it was good to hear aside from just reading in the paper. There were labor unions there to support, a group that read "Sportsmen for Strickland" and a few tee shirts that said"Republicans for Strickland".

This Tuesday I think I am going to attend the coalitions potluck dinner and volunteer to do something for the upcoming election. This not working full time is offering me the time to do things I could not do when I was teaching everyday. I'll even be able to give blood on Monday because I won't be too tired after working all day!!

The EMT class was put off starting until the 20th, not tomorrow, which gives me 2 more weeks that I can meet with my tai-chi class and learn the last parts of the second set, so even if I have to stop when school starts I will still have 2 seta to work with. That's enough and I can go back after class ends in 15 weeks.

As for all the 9/11 hoopla that is going on and I am sure there will be tons of it on TV. I know it will be a ratings bonanza for all of them, but I just don't think that I will be watching. I watched so much that day and in the days that followed. It just really makes me very sad. Aside from all the politics I think way too much about the people that lost their lives that day and how it must have been and it is just too much to think about. So I would rather not bring all of that back by watching the various shows and programs.

In October 2001 my son & I were on a trip to D.C. and saw the Pentagon, with the Boy Scouts, and it was very sobering. Then in 2003 or 4 we made another trip to D.C., with the Scouts, and on the way back we stopped at Shanksville and went to the crash site of Flight 93. That was a very sad stop. The kids did not quite grasp the feeling there that the adults did. Not a dry eye among us as we looked at the photos and memoribilia that was left hanging on the fence. The first original memorial that people started. The angels that were placed there with each persons name. The toys left for the children that were on the flight. The lone American Flag that stands out in the field at the sight of impact.

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thedrew102 said...

The bee sting thing is a very funny story...I am sure it didn't seem like it at the time,but in the re-telling,it is laugh out loud funny.
Hay!What's wrong with guys liking Capt Jack!?!.I do!.I am thinking of taking a more active stace with strickland myself.I also like him,and am not just voting for him because Blackwell is so evil.I miss the days when the Repubicans only put big business first,instead of totally corrupting our American values the way they do now.
Good luck elsewhere