Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy 40th Birthday U.S.S. Enterprise!!!

Now comes the true geek in me!! Wishing Captain James T. Kirk et al a Happy 40th birthday. Yes, sad to say, I am a closet Trekkie. Not one of those people that goes to conventions or dresses up like my favorite characters or anything like that, but I was an avid watcher for years.

As an older kid I watched the original shows. The show started in 1966 and I did not start watching those episodes until I was older and they were probably already re-runs. Trouble with Tribbles remains, to this day, one of my very favorite episodes. Ensign Chekov was my favorite character on the first series. Then, along came Star Trek: Next Generation.

At first I refused to even watch it because I was such a loyal fan of the William Shatner school of starship commandeering, but soon became hooked with the excellent writing on NG. They also had many more characters and very intriging story lines every week.

One of the other blogs that is linked on mine is Wil Wheatons'. He played Wesley Crusher on NG. He is now a writer and family guy in Calif. His blogging is very humorous and often very basic just like the rest of us. He is married and has 2 step-children and 2 dogs. Does yard work and tries to find regular work, but sometimes is locked into the "sci-fi guy" trap. He also plays a lot of celebrity poker. Go give it a read sometime. It is one of my guilty pleasures (kinda like Judge Judy), but that is for another discussion!!

Recently Comedy Central had a roast of William Shatner which was very funny and of course they made fun of his acting talents. One comedian even held out a paper bag and asked him to act his way out of it. Funny stuff.

Now days there isn't really too much that satisfies that secret geeky, sci-fi part of my personality. Although I was really jazzed with the first Matrix movie and only watched it a trillion times. Disappointed by the last two. My expectations were WAY too high. I was such a geek that I even took notes because I wanted to be able to discuss it later with other people and compare it to the first one. Yeah, sick and twisted and sad, I know.

The more I write here you may find out that I have other closeted obsessions and weird quirks. I promise I'll only let them out slowly and a bit at a time. Wouldn't want to scare everyone away.


thedrew102 said...

Another great post,Dharma.I love Star trek,too.I must admit I like TNG very is probably my favorite..but Kirk is the best captain..if only we can get Riker into that chair.
The Shatner roast was a good gig,but I don't think anyone mentioned Rescue 911,one of my favorite Shatner shows.
I guess coming out of the closet is a good thing:-)Make it so.

Dharma said...

Full speed ahead!!