Sunday, September 24, 2006

DUH!! It's the caffeine stupid!!!

According to this article, over at CBS news, the Iraq war has made terror worse. I believe that statement falls under the category of......DUH!!! Like we needed some unidentified source to tell us that little snippet of news. To help us through this time I see that Katie Couric is going to be doing a nice "fluff" piece interview with Condie Rice who says that..." ending the violence in Iraq will take time." Another DUH!! Those who care to hear her trot out the company band wagon and slogans etc. can watch that on 60 Minutes on Sunday. Rah! Rah!

The report was put together by U.S. Intelligence and states that the action in Iraq has made the overall terrorism problem worse and created more terrorist groups and heightened the threat of terrorism. Isn't that nice. Again, not something that we didn't know.

I am glad that I started this blogging thing while I had the free time to do so, but now I am looking at all that I have to do and I have to say......Mixter, how do you do it??!! I am looking at either working, even though its part-time, and then class form 6-9 PM. Here it is Sunday and I have 2 more chapters to read and study for a test, tomorrow night, over chapter one. What have I gotten myself in to???

I am feeling a little bit of intimidation over this work. Already drinking WAY too much coffee at work. How can I not, I ask you, since it is free while I work. I just don't have the strength to turn down a latte this or a carmel that. The whip cream dispenser is calling my name. I walked out of there, on Friday, way too hyper. Heck, I could have ran home!! Came home and had to eat something to counter all the caffeine. Watched both Kill Bill movies and then crashed HARD!!!

Next week the pace is really going to pick up as I have class on Sat. from 9-4 AND work hours are picking up as my training progresses. Well, I must move on. Since it is Sunday I have many things to get done so my Monday starts off as easily as possible and study has to happen at some point.

Better warm up the coffee...................


Anonymous said...

I do it because I'm outraged. I'm a busy gal, to be sure, and it's the only form of protest I have time for right now.


Dharma said...

I think it might be the only way.