Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chest Obsessed?

Yesterday, as I was having a grande something -or-other at the coffee mega giant, I picked up a copy of the local college newspaper. There was an article that caught my attention about breast implants. They interviewed a 37 year old woman about her recent decision to have the procedure and the out come. Interesting. Of course feedback from you males out there will be interesting also, I wonder if you are all obsessed or could care less. Or has anyone even read this far or are you still looking at Pam Anderson? :-)

Anyway, the article surprised me, right away, because I did not know that Gwen Stefani had hers done. I thought she would have been too much of an individual to go that route, but I guess eventually that atmosphere could make one crumble to the popular trends as so many female actresses etc. have shown. The subject went from a 34A to a 34D. The D part sounds too large to be functional to me. Am I crazy? But it seems like that would just get in the way.She said that she had always had a sister larger busted, but the final straw came when her own daughter began to look older than her. Since when do we compare ourselves to our kids? Aren't we the adult? What do we teach them we we say that what we are is not good enough and if you don't like it you can just change it with a medical procedure and enough money.

Now the cost is one thing that would hold me back, but then they talk about various risks involved. If they make the incision through your nipple you pretty much have no sensation there ever again she was told. Nice, a numb nipple. I think that would also be annoying. Through the armpit is very risky because of the major nerve located there. If that nerve is damaged during surgery feeling and function could be affected. She was told that she could have that ," annoying falling - asleep feeling permanently in her arm." Now how fun does that prospect sound? Nothing like having that constant little pinprick feeling all the time running through your arm. More fun!!

Then, the best part, the implants have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, so future replacement is inevitable. The article says that this is because they eventually deflate!! Hopefully gradually. Can you imagine being at a party or function when your boobs begin to loose "air" and begin to droop and sag? Kinda like a helium balloon as it drops all flat and laying on the floor. Nice.

The subject said that she can wear a bikini and not feel self conscious. Hell, if she could wear one before the implants that's a bonus!! So she didn't have enough of what she thought should fill the top or is it what society tells us we need to have in the bra department? Personally I got over that hurdle years ago. Smaller busted women are not going to have saggage issues and can always go braless without issues. Sure gravity takes its toll on everyone, but the advantage is to the smaller busted.

Personally I think women, like Pam Anderson, look silly. A caricature of a woman. If you can feel good about yourself and have that confidence, no matter what cup size, carry yourself well, it just doesn't matter. It is just too bad that we still have not gotten far enough along in our attitudes that we still think that we have to make improvemnts to ourselves to be pretty and accepted by the opposite sex, or society for that matter.


thedrew102 said...

Woman are always saying that size(to a point,I am guessing)doesn't matter.Whether it does is neither here nor there.But as the sales of Viagra suggest,most men would change their size if given the opportunity.There are no operations for this that I know of,so us men are pretty much stuck with what we have.
Women,on the other hand,seem more then men's equal at wanting to change their size.As a man,I will openly admit to a certain infatuation with big tits.That being said,I must also speak of a certain infatuation with smaller and medium sized ones as most men,to be perfectly frank,just like tits.
There is an old joke,a man,in order to make his wife happy,has to do a thousand things.A woman just has to show him her tits.Nuff said.
I find small to medium sized breasts not only just as fun to look at,but more highly erotic.When they are part of a terrific woman,there is simply nothing better.Whoot Whoo!

Mixter said...

Boobs are overrated.

Mine have been Ds forever, and I think they just get in the way. My husband, however, may disagree.


Dharma said...

I don't think they would ever say they wanted them out of the way. See the drews comments!! Men are happy to have them around, but they don't have to try and deal with the inconvienience on a daily basis. Funny, you never hear of women that want to have butt implants!!

Number Six said...

Keep it nice and natural, thank you. Really.

Debra said...

I had mine reduced last March and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I still think they are a touch too big but nothing like they were.

You should have heard the men in my life complain. Not one of them is romantically involved with me, they don't pay any of my bills or contribute to my standard of living, but everyone one of them was personally affronted that I would make them smaller. I never laughed so hard in my life.

Robin Williams has a good skit about fake tits. He hates them.

Dharma said...

See, they think you are crazy and why would you ever want them smaller!! I don't get it. It's not like they beg us to get/have/or make our asses bigger!!!