Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Debate & Wounded Soldiers

And the debate continues to rage onward. Before I continue though I have to tell you that my girlfriends son was hit by an explosive device in Iraq. He was driving, she believes, and was inside the vehicle. The kid walking alongside was not so lucky. He perished. The vehicle was blown up. She is not given much information, but believes at this point that he has all of his limbs and suffered a serious concussion. He is hospitalized. He was due to return home, for a year, on April 9th. For now, this is all I know.

On the talk radio ,yesterday, there was a huge debate about people who claim to "support the troops", but not the war. I consider myself one of those people. The guy hosting the chat said that people who make that claim are undermining the moral of the troops and their families. Well, let me tell you, from someone who knows people first hand, they do not begrudge me my stance and basiaclly he feels that people over here are free to do what we want as long as we don't refer to them as "baby killers" and crap like that. Which I do not.

I know that it is the job that they take on when they do join the military and I do not hold that against them. They are doing what their job trains them to do. What I can speak against is that we have a government that has manufactured a terrible, nasty situation to put them in and I do not like that one bit!!

There was a mother that called in to talk about how proud she is of her sons etc. That it bothers her and so on to hear people speak their mind. Well, there will be people like that, but they seem to be a bit more of the narrow minded, blindly following type. My friend knows that I stand with the peace vigil on Sunday nights to silently protest against Bush and this war. She knows how I feel, hell, she doesn't like it anymore than we do. She is also very proud of her son and repsects the mans job that he is doing over there, but she would never tell me that I could not be against this ugly war. She knows that I worry and support her son right along with her and her family.

I beleieve that everyone is entitled to have their opinions about this mess, but I really am beginning to resent those that are, once again, bringing up and making it seem as if the rest of us are "un-American" and "un-Patriotic" if we even say anything against it. Just because they believe everything hook, line and sinker, doesn't make them a better citizen of this country or a better American than any of the rest of us that do not suport this war.


Anonymous said...

I think someone who believes everything he or she hears hook, line and sinker is not a patriot; rather, he or she is a moron. We supposed to question authority. Dissent is patriotic.


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