Sunday, March 11, 2007

So it Seems.........

So it seems, and this is not the first time that I have heard this, that yet ANOTHER pharmacist has elected to put his/her orality in to play and refuse a customer access to the "morning after or plan B " pill. I have not ever had need to get this item, but if it ever became necessary I would be pissed like no ones business if some uber-christian, pro-lifer type refused to sell it to me. No matter what your job might be in this life you do not have the right to infuse your personal and / or religious leanings in to that jobs service/ or function! You might have very strong personal thoughts about issues, but when you begin to add them to your work ethic, then I believe you are crossing the line.

When I was teaching there was a guy who would push his political agendas and personal thoughts onto his classes. I totally disagreed with him too. It is not our business to offer our thoughts, but to teach the material and try to get them to think and question on their own. It is the same for any job you do. You must deal with it the way it comes and leave your opersonal thoughts and baggage at home.

So it seems that no matter how much you work out, do tai-chi and watch what you eat you can still end up with high choloesterol! I said, "what the hell!" yesterday I got the results from my involved physical for the EMS job. It said that 200 is high and mine was 232. LDL was 135 and 100 was high on that one. I have no idea what it all means, but I intend to do some research today. Since my personal physician died, several years ago, I still have not gotten a new one and so I will have to look in to it on my own. How does one get this way and what is to be done about it? My mom has no such complaints and I know nothing about my dads family history. I hope this does not stop me from getting the job. I am a bit worried now. What is it they say? Eat right, work out and die anyway. :-)

So it seems that no matter how much time passes you still can intensly miss your best friend. Yesterday was his birthday. He died in Feb. of 1995 much too young. Friends will come and go in your life, but there is just usually one that you can give the title of "best friend" and not only mean it, but it holds for life. This was a friend who once offered to marry me just so my son would have health insurance and all of this when he was gay!! He often bought me diapers and formula when I was going through a terrible divorce and had hardly 2 cents to rub together. His parents were like my own. They bought gifts and treated my son like family. We were as close, for 16 years, as any married couple. We shared the highs and lows of all of each others relationships. I have had many friends during and since, but no one has ever been the kind of friend that I would call "best". Not a slight to them, maybe to me, but I have never found that specail bond that we had.

As a took some spring decorations out to the cemetary yesterday I felt the weight of the tremndous loss. I did manage to smile as I told him, "well, you still managed to die younger and prettier than me." Now, he doesn't have to worry about cholesterol and all the other weird misc. that comes.

So it seems that no matter how many days off you have in a row that you will still feel like you didn't get anything or enough accomplished! I had Friday through today off, but can not feel good and like I got somethings done. Friday I had to interrupt my day for a staff meeting from 11-1. We got paid for it, but it was still a huge pain in the ass to my day. By the time it was over I had to rush around to get stuff done befor epicking up SO at the office. We are still trying to operate with one car. I took all of spring break off so we can take time and go out and look at cars. Yeaterday I did ALL the shopping and that was EXHAUSTING! Full parking lots and long lines wherever I went. Then I came home to find that SO seems to be getting a cold. Seem slike after all that travel the weather here and all is finally catching up with him. Filled him up with nighttime cold sleepy stuff, last night, and daytime stay awake cold meds this AM. My only hope is that I can avoid it myself. Although, I'm not as healthy as I seemingly thought and maybe all the herbs and vitamins I take are to no avail.

Oh, and by the way, my iron is below normal too! Normal begins at 62 and mine is 50. No wonder the last few times I tried to give blood they turned e down for low iron. That could account for my tiredness most of the time too. So, here goes another pill/suplement. If I end up having to get one of those "day of the week" pill holders... just shoot me!!


The Drew said...

Dharma,my heart breaks for your lost of your best friend.I don't know why God touches us with someone so soulful and important to us and then life takes them away...perhaps I will never seems that you were equally well his best friend also,so though your time on this world was limited,it seems you has-at least for a little while-something most people never acheive.I rejoice that you two found each other at least for a little while,and I mourn with you that he was taken away so quickly.

Congrats on your tests and health and job issues ...well done my friend

Dharma said...


Mixter said...

I'm sorry you're missing your friend. My brother died on John's birthday (of all days!) almost three years ago -- this coming Monday will have been three years. I can't believe it's been that long already! I miss him.

Hey! Maybe we can buy matching "day of the week" pill holders!