Saturday, March 10, 2007

Literature & Lattes

A few weeks ago my manager, at the coffee mega giant, and I sat down and talked about beginning a book club. We are both avid readers and have a college campus next door and thought that it all might add up to a good time for everyone. We had our first meeting and several employees showed up as well as some regular customers and we began deciding what we might like to read as our first book.

My manager suggested Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. He has read it it in the past, but likes it so much he would like to revisit it. We all looked it over read the quotes and endorsements and thought that it would be a good place to begin. It is something that is out of the realm for most of us and that was also a good idea. We are trying to stretch our tastes and come out of our comfort zones. The only rule of the club is NO Danielle Steele or any book that has the chance of becoming a made for Lifetime movie!!

If you have never read this book it has an interesting storyline. 23 people answer an ad for a writers retreat and thus the book is made up of their 23 short stories that form into the entire novel. It is a dark, very dark, yet humorous book. This is by the same guy that wrote the wonderfully dark Fight Club. He has quite a cult following on the interent/world wide web.

Mine just arrived yesterday and I have not gotten very far, but I am looking forward to getting in to it as several of the other rreaders are getting along and say it is quite good, but very different from their usual fare. But that is what we wanted!!

By the way, did I mention that we also drink coffee too? We have it right there at the store. That way others can see what we are doing and join.


The Drew said...

Both your book and your book club sound like great ideas.I am tempted to go buy the book...that and a nice latte sounds like a mighty fun tim...enjoy it

Dharma said...

I found it for 11.55 at Barnes & Noble .com. Cheaper and easier than driving around and looking and wasting the gas. It is already proving to be quite unusual. I am laughing in places that I am sure most people would find quite macabre.