Thursday, March 01, 2007

Change Is Good

As someone who has almost always been opposed to change I felt that it was time. I have never been a fan of re-doing things, but this was a two-fold purpose. First, I screwed up my settings, somehow, and had to redesign my blog. So, since I had to choose a new template I also thought that now would also be the time to make the switch to something lighter. A background that was more soothing to the eye and had a more relaxed look and feel. I think that I have succeeded.

I also do not usually like to do things again that I have already done in the past; such as getting the old links and other misc. that I had on the old blog, but again, since I screwed up I am taking it as a sign that it is/was time to clean house anyway. Update some new and toss out some old. Those roads less traveled type places.

Tonight is the book signing by Ishmael Beah at a Starbucks up near Cleveland. I am riding up with a few other pals from work. I am anxious to meet this guy. Not much to say except that I respect what he has done with his life since getting out of his country. I'll write more about that tomorrow or this weekend.

Tomorrow is the big physical/drug screen for the new job. I had to fill out about 15 pages of paperwork last night. Hearing test, TB test, a flexibility test as well as the drug and alcohol screen. It will probably last 2 hours and all that time with NO COFFEE!!!!! I may go insaneat that hour of the AM. Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me.

Like I said earlier, I don't adjust well, but change can be good.


Mixter said...

On the contrary: with all the changes you've been through lately, I think you adjust quite well!


Dharma said...

Thanks, but I am not fond of it. I have been trying to be more flexible. It makes me a much calmer person to "go with the flow" and resist less.

The Drew said...

Dharma,Though I have been very busy and I have had very limited on line time,I have been following you as you rebuild up your is looking great and I can't wait until you start posting new again.I hope you got your job and passes all of your test.You go girl:-)