Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Summer 2007 Kick Off, Chardonay and Tattoos

It was a FANTASTIC weekend to formally kick-off the 2007 summer cookout & wine drinking season!! It was 73 here, on Sat., and the urge to have a burger/brat and a nighttime fire was literally overwhelming. We were running around and doing outdoor stuff all day. The dogs were out all day and slept some of that time. It was really great for the mental health to finally be bale to sit outside and enjoy the yard and sun.

There you also have the new tattoo. A symbol of my continual search for meaning. The OM symbol, Hindu, that can represent a Higher Being and allegedly the sound made at the creation of the universe. Coming out of a Lotus blossom. The symbol of wisdom. It also grows out of the mud, but is not affected by the mud that surrounds it. The goal that I would like to set as the way I would like to live my life. I believe that it will be my last. Not only did it hurt like hell on the back of my neck and it is healing slower, but there is no other really good place to put one and I have also said what I want to say and made enough personal statements.

John (SO) left for Boston this AM and may be there until April 10th. Then he may go directly to the Netherlands. So, we never did get to use this vacation time to get a new car, but now that he is gone again it is not a problem.

My mom is coming up on Thursday and we are going to have a few good days of real intense thrifting. I am excited and so is she because we both enjoy bargain hunting. We will probably hit some luch out and then she will leave on Sunday and I assume I will be back to work Monday. Or should I say.......

Back to the "grind".


Anonymous said...

The chow looks great! The tat looks like it hurt!! Ow!

It was 80-some here yesterday, and upper-70s on Sunday. On Sunday, we grilled some steaks and made fajitas - yum! I was stuck indoors all day Monday -- work and school.

I, too, am a dedicated thrifter. My favorite store is the Goodwill in Delavan. I figure if I can't buy it there, I don't need it!


The Drew said...

Hello,Dharma..very cool tattoo..one that isn't only nice to look at but that has meaning...don't say that it is your last..you may find someday that you want another one.I like your (red) outfit:-)
Looks like a great cookout--yummy
I,too,like Good Will and such.
I very much enjoy your photos-keeep sharing with us:-)