Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starbucks, R.E.M., and Anna Quindlen

Yahoo! According to Anna Quindlen, of Newsweek magazine, Ann Coulter the "conservative lounge act" and the way in which she delivers her form of information are well past their "sell-by date". Thank God!! It is finally refreshing to hear someone else, say out loud, how old and tired that horse is, as well as others, that continue to turn up on the talk smack circles. She is as old and boring as yesterdays stock quotes. her piece over at Newsweek was very good.

Seems that the coffee mega giant is blooming into the world of music. They have already been selling cd's for some time, but now it looks like they are going to have their own label. I have like much of the indie stuff that they have put out there, the girl band Antigone Rising was one, and there have been a few compilations. believe it or not, even if you do not frequent the establishment, but music is a very important part of the experience. People are always asking about the usic that they hear in our background. What cd is this or what song etc. We sell many cd's this way. I have even bought some through this method. The Corrine Baily Rae cd is one example as well as John Legend. Yes, sometimes I like to groove to a little soul and R&B.

Finally, my old indie fav, R.E.M has made it to the Rock Hall of Fame. I was lsitening to them long before radio play or anyone knew who they were or what they looked like!! For years they kept their faces off their album covers. Saw them once and they were excellent live. They had great political stuff long before Green Day. Although I do love Green Day as they remind me of what R.E.M. was like in their beginning. I can't say that I care about any of the other Rock inductees. I never like Van Halen, I always thought that David Lee Roth was an embarassment to them and a real boob. Patti Smith, okay and I am not sure that haip hop is the right thing to add, but it is music, so maybe it should have been called the Music Hall of Fame.
Peace out! Holla!


Esteban said...

Yeah I have a friend who is really into Van Halen and I just never got what made them any better than every other hair metal band from the 80's. Of course that might be environmentally influenced. My dad was always force feeding us Tears for Fears and Crowded House.

The Drew said...

I am a fan of both Van Halen and R.E.M....Van Halen will always bring me back to my colege days..party rock..Eddie is s avery good guitar player and the whole group jammed.R.E.M. was also part of the party scene-Atlanta style.I always think of them and the B-52's together for some reason.

As for Ann Coulter..just another republican fake-spin doctoring the same old false doctrine the recons spread...you know,like Newt bitching about bill all the while have a torred affair himself...white man speak with forked tongue liars