Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Now for Something Completely Different

This is not something that I usually do, post cutsie family type photos, the dogs, birds, backyard etc, but since SO got the new camera and he has been playing with all of its many functions he recently gave me a CD of his work. So, without any further adieu I give you my patchwork of misc. family along with haircolor and backyard birds!! Enjoy.


The Drew said...

Whoot Whooo,dharma,you look very cute and sexy in your nice haircut.Your glasseslook cute on your,too.You look like you are having fun.love your dogs.I always make secret wishes on cardinals,so they are some of my favorite birds...very nice photos

Mixter said...

Okay, I LOVE the hair color! LOVE IT! Being a bottle-auburn locked lass myself, I think it's way cool! Especially with the blonde in it. You're totally hot, and I love the skull and crossbones scarf!

Your mom is way cute, and so is your poochie!

Great photos!


Dharma said...

Thanks to all. Very nice. As for the scarf Mixter. some days I wear it to work, with my hair really tall, and call it my deranged stewardess look. After I get my new tattoo today I will have to wear a scarf or turtleneck all the time, but that is okay. The price I will pay for my individuality.

Mixter said...

What kind of tattoo are you getting this time?


Dharma said...

Just got back. Hurt like a bitch!!! Back of my neck. The OM sign; can mean a higher power, the sound that created the universe. Coming forth from a lotus flower, sign of wisdom. It grows from the mud, but does not let that influence it. Kind of a higher aspiration for myself. Part of my spiritual quest. In a few days I'll post a few photos, but right now it is sore, a tad red and covered with a bandage.

Dharma said...


See, we have even the red hair in common. We must meet some day Mixter!! If you are ever in Cleveland or I come out your way we must meet!!