Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton vs Obama - Fake southern drawl in Selma

This was such an embarassing moment for her. What was she thinking!! It is stuff like this that has already turned me off on this election. Although she is not the only one, oh no, Obama has made his guffaws as well. he stated, at the smae march, that due to the Selma march his parents got together and he was born. Well, he was born in 1961, the march did not occur until 3 years later. he was trying to connect to hard with the core group and prove his relationship with them. These hijinxs are just a few reasons why I am already for this mess to be over and done!!

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The Drew said...

I like hillary..while she maybe a nerd,that is part of her appeal to me..the media makes too big of a deal out of things the dems do...oh but,eye Of Newt admitting he was having an affair while bitching about good ol' Bill-while bigger news is not that news worthy