Sunday, April 01, 2007

Odds & Ends, Coming Attractions & More

Here we are, at the end of another spring break, and no tan, no huge hang-over tales, no strange condoms on the floor along with assorted beer and tequila bottles. Good thing, but it sure was hard to control my mom this weekend!!!

I took the week off, originally, so Max would have someone at home through the week and John was going to take some time off and we were going to get a car. Well, you know how it goes with the best laid plans and all.... he ended up having to go to Boston and then my mom came up for 4 days. So a new plan took affect.

We jumped in to plan B and decided that we would just roll with the punches and make other car dates, but as karma would have it they called with my orientation date, how long have I been finished with the class and waiting on this, AND a date to begin the drivers training as well. When it rains you know!! So, this Wed. I will go for my 4 hour orientation, get fitted for uniforms and boots and have to look at schedule options and choose one. I hope I have at least a few days to make my choice. I know it is going to be a day shift, which runs 6:45 AM to 12:45 PM. My former instructor is going to give me a heads up as to which days they think I would be best suited as far as fitting in with the team that is already put together. I am hoping that I can give them a start date of April 23rd as the coffee mega giant already has me scheduled through hat date.

I begin the drivers training at 7:00AM on Sat. What an ungodly hour to begin maneuvering a big ass ambulance. I better get up early, but not do too many espresso power shots! Would probably not be beneficial to me to be uber shakey. Have to hold together the road rage thing as well, don't you think?

So, as I said my mom was here for several days and I am in the process of recovery from that. Not that she's a problem, but I just eat too much when she is here! We hit every thrift store, that I know of, in 2 counties! I was exhausted. We both got some good deals on the first day, but we did it for 2 days and after that we were both beginning to pick stuff up and walk around with it, but then put it back and find reasons why we did not need it. Like, how many more funky purses do I really need? Plus we both hate to try stuff on. If it doesn't look like an automatic fit we both put it back.

In one town we went to an old greasy spoon coffee shop, I have not been around that town for maybe 13 years or more, and can you believe that the waitress ended up being someone that had, at one time been a very close friend. I hardly recognized her! I finally told her who I was and she had not recognized me either. Well, she looked pretty rough and raw and with good reason. She informed me that she had quit drinking because she has had 10 DUI's and can't drink anymore. I asked about marriage and kids, but we both laughed, hey, with 10 DUI's who has time, outside of jail to make room for relationships!! We had been hard partying pals and the one thing was...she was a nasty, crazy and mean drunk. Sad to see. I had always thought that she was a prettier girl than me and was always more popular with the guys, but now she looked at least 10 years older than me and much harder. Makes you think.

Brought out 4 Brothers, with Mark Whalberg to watch with mom. I have seen it before, but love it and, as you know, any movie he makes. She had never seen it, so we had wine and some great spinach alfredo pizza and some good 'ol shoot'em up gun movie violence. Nothing like a good mom movie night!! By the way, John and I just saw him in The Shooter. Not that great, but who really cares. I would go and watch him read the phone book if it had action and fast cars and shoot'em up. We all have our tendencies and short falls.

So, today it was back to getting ready for the week. Made some pre formed cookies for Max, oatmeal choc chip, and got laundry caught up and watching some misc. stuff on the tube. By the way we also watched the Ohio State Final Four game and it was fun. She is a big Ohio State sports fan. Looks like the last game will be a good one.

So, there you have folks. The weekend wrap up and coming attractions. Things are beginning to pick up and I believe that once I get rolling that I will have some fun stories to blog about with regards to the new job. For now, I must get another glass of wine and let the dogs out yet again. They say it may snow here by the weekend and I am not too happy, but what can you do? I was lucky to have such a nice week off.


The Drew said...

sounds like a fun jam packed weekend-sounds like your old gal friend was rode hard and put away wet...and liked it:-)

I love greasy spoons and thrift stores-I like Marky Mark,too.

Good luck ambulance driving-I will make doubly sure to pull off to the side of the rode,now:-)And at the coffee giant.

Your Mom sounds like a hoot.

Go BUCKS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's strange how people we once knew turn out. My 25th high school reunion is (was?) this year. I won't go, because I figure if I wanted to hang out with those people, we would have stayed in touch. However, I would kind of like to see how some of them made out after 25 years.

My best bud from school and I are still best buds, so I have all the high school memories I need.

It sounds like you and your mom had lots of fun. I just love thrift shopping -- so does every female in my family!

Good luck with the training and starting the new job!