Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome Wagon

Welcome to new addition Veni Vidi Vici the blog of Esteban. Because it is always good to have conversation and interesting viewpoints. It would be very boring if we always surrounded ourselves with people who only share the same views and thoughts as us.

So, I welcome and add Esteban to my world and those that are readers!!


Anonymous said...

Esteban is okay. He's young and conservative, but he's a decent sort deep down.


Dharma said...

I have thought so. Some of his recents posts, on his blog, have even bee fun and interesting. Also, it is fun to hear the views of such a young conservative. Keeps it interesting!! I think he is a decent person too.

Esteban said...

Hey thanks for the link. I put you in my links as well, assuming I did it correctly.

I shall continue to strive to figure how how I went and caught that 'conservatism' disease at such a young age.

Dharma said...

Keep on truckin' Esteban!! The trading of ideas is what keeps us talkin' and readin' and all that good stuff can sometimes even be, dare I say it....educational for all of us!! Thanks for the link.

"We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"