Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This News Just In!!!

Well it seems that the lady I spoke to several days ago gave me a bit of info that was not quite correct. She took all my info, yes, but she did not tell me to NOT try to access the ODJFS web site, even if they send me e-mail, UNTIL I get my new PIN number via snail mail. A choice bit of information that would have come in handy this AM as I temporarily SCREWED MYSELF!! Thank you very much red tape et al.

Today's lady was so nice and very helpful. She informed that she is the person that made up the program and she knows how it works and I may have locked myself out by using an incorrect PIN number. She also informed that the previous worker should have told me NOT to get online yet. Well, we proceeded to get more info into my file and the NEW development that I must now fax a copy of my separation letter to the facility that handles my case so that they can coclude that there is "an assurance that I have no hope for re-hire" this school year.

By the time we were finished conversing I was ready to gouge out my own eyeballs!!!!! I bet this won't be the last time...............( heavy sigh)

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Mixter said...

Ah, bureaucracy...