Friday, August 25, 2006

Magazines in the Doctors Office & Unhealthy Body Images

As I was sitting on the big leather seat, waiting for the doctor to come and examine my healing appendage, I was browsing through the endless pile of typical doctor office magazines. You know the ones I am talking about; People, Us and Star. It beats beginning to hum along to the muzak!!

Well, I came across and article entitled," My Bag Is Bigger Than Me". It was about 4 famous females who are SO thin & anorexic looking that they look like concentration camp survivors or those Bratz dolls that are so popular. Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie and Keira Knightley. Oh my god!!! These women look like they are barely strong enough to hold up their own heads, let alone a large purse full of the usual crap!!

They were completely without any shape, no hips, no breasts. Just pointy, sharp shoulders and knees and long stick arms and legs. I would like to know who are the men that find that attractive!! They had on sunglasses that looked more shapely than they did!!

No wonder young females have such a hard time defining their self image when this is put out there as the "norm". I am so happy that I am not a teen any longer and can forget having to worry about being thin enough for some guy. The great thing about being a woman at 40 is that we have learned how to use our god given talents and tools.

I have had this discussion with many of my friends and we know that the 20 somethings might have a small, tight ass, BUT we 40's know how to work IT!! We have skills and abilities that those chickies have not even mastered!! As a matter of fact, in a discussion with Sam Spade recently, it was brought to my attention that many, if not most men, find a 35+ woman to be much more desirable & attractive.

Those that claim that conversation is not important are shallow and don't deserve the time of day. There is also body language and that my good gals is also a great "turn-on". Nothing like a strategically placed touch to accentuate a comment.


Sam Spade said...

Dharma,I totally agree with you on this one.As for finding women sexy at 35+,hey,I just call them as I see 'em.What more can I say:-)
You think Us & People are bad,you should check out the fashion rags.Harper's Bazaar has skinny freakish looking models that for the most part look no more then 12.These 'girls' look soo skinny that I think that the photos must have been manipulated and stretched somehow.These girls made Barbi look overweight.
As a man,I ask,is this to make the clothes look better?I just don't get the appeal.I love a woman with a nice smile and an attractive womanly figure.I think most men do.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be 42 next month.

Baby, I work it!


Dharma said...

You go girl!!! Age does bring wisdom and a knowledge and skill about many things.