Thursday, August 24, 2006

Caffeine Deprived & Vicodin Dazed

The need for foot surgery & the fact that my health insurance was running out had me laid up on the couch for the past 2 days. Watching bad daytime TV and eating WAAAAY too much junk food. Although 2 days without Starbucks has me with a headache & I think I am able to get out of the house today and get one. But, let's get to the beginning shall we?

Since I have been laid off my health insurance expires at the end of the month and so I had to get this foot thing done ASAP. I was laid off due to state funding cuts, continually over the last 5 years, that have just about brought an end to the alternative school where I taught. Seems that the "at-risk" kids don't fit into the "No Child Left Behind" drama, but that is also another story.

Had some goofy plantar warts on heel and had 2 large areas removed, OUCH, size of a quarter & the size of a dime. Now you can see why they torture people on the soles of their feet. OUCH!!! Can you say SENSITIVE area!! That is why the vicodin were good for one 24 hour period. Why anyone would have that as a drug of choice is beyond my comprehension. That is just a too sleepy and too groggy buzz for me. Give me a caffeine jolt anytime.

Anyway, there is just so much crap on tv. Thank goodness for DVR. I was able to watch tapped episodes of The Daily Show, Scrubs, My Name is Earl and movies. Although at times I am a COPS & Judge Judy junky. My guilty little pleasures in lfe.

Now, today, I am going to be able to shave my legs, with foot staying dry & hanging out of tub, but smooth anyway. Wash the hair which is a fright! Head down to coffe nirvana. That hot, grande cup 'o steamin' hot 2% milk and carmel mocha.................. excuse me while I wipe my drool. I also go there to do my journaling and reading and writing. The whole "trying to work on self improvement" personal time. Now that I am unemployed I am taking more time for me.

And speaking about being unemployed, I actually am feeling like a college student again. I am going to begin my EMT classes on Sept. 11 and also trying to get a part time job at said coffee haven. The class is 15 weeks and then you must spend time, 20 hours, at the hospital too. I am excited at the prospect of beginning another new era in my life. Although it does make me laugh & smile to think that, at 40+, I am moving in another new direction.

Sure, I could sub or go into public school, but once you have worked with & been more involved with those that are more needy you tend to not want to go back to"teaching to the test" and walking into someone else's nghtmare classroom. Alternative school was the best place for me and those kids needed a program like that. I will miss it greatly. If I can end up working in a hospital then I will once again be able to do something that is a service to humainty. In the end that is what I think I want my legacy to be.

And now that is enough of a post for today, don't you think?


Sam Spade said...

Great postings!Post while the mood and inspiration hits you.No child left behind isa joke,as you have just shown.Those that most need help are being left behind.Allot of great thoughts,here.Keep up the good work.

Sam Spade said...

I love the Wil Heaton site:whatta gas!

Rachel said...

Nice blog! I love your focus on self-improvement. The thing that has improved more relationships, issues and situations for me is gratitude. Keep up the blogging! And thanks for the link to my blog. :-) What brought you to my little corner of the 'verse?


Dharma said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now as Kathy. Dharma is just who I would like to be if I could, or do, change my name legally!! Cheaper than a new tattoo and I love the name Dharma, it's more me.

Dharma said...

You will find that Wil is very grounded and very much into his family. he is also an excellent writter and very funny. I have been reading his blog for a long time.

Rachel said...

Ahhhh! Hi, Kathy! Glad to see you started your own blog. How cool! :-)!!


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