Sunday, August 27, 2006

About Jon Stewart, Sunday Starbucks & Unemployment Filing

I am both excited and disappointed at the same time, which can happen often in this life, sad to say. I read that Jon Stewart is bringing the Daily Show to Columbus, Ohio in October and I will not be able to go see it. They will be at some auditorium on the Ohio State campus, but I don't know a soul down there that I could stay with and even try to get in to see a show. I believe the article said that they were going to be there for a week. Drats, just my luck!! So close and yet so far. I could become one of those stalker types that goes around pretending that I am married to him etc. Does anyone remember that crazy woman that did that with David Letterman? No, seriously I am not a nut!! Hell, I don't need the cyber police from the Bush admin. chasing me down or reporting me to the appropriate authorities because I might be a threat to Jon Stewart, although Fox news, if you can call them news, does feel that Mr. Stewart is a threat.Because you know how they moderate e-mail and cyber traffic, although I would like to think that this type of thing is not even important, but maybe it's a slow watch day for Agent 99.

So, went to the coffee mega giant this AM for my grande "something fattening and caffeinated and sugary" and read the New York Times, because occassionally I like to get away from our local paper and their "Susie won the spelling bee and lack of REAL news" format. Sat and made some small talk with a few people and had my mini interview with the manager.

Got the usual,"How do you handle stress"? questions and the ,"Do you think you can handle this"? Blah, blah, blah...... Not hiring anyone until the first week of October etc., so I can just go ahead and file for unemployment, but that still means that we will have to hook up to the health insurance at Significant Others place of employment. Did I mention that his company offers just about the worst insurance benefits I have EVER heard of in my life??!! This was the main reason behind my going to the coffee mega giant, they have one of the best plans in the corporate world.

SO's company's plan says you pay the first 2200.00 out of pocket and then they cover 80/20. What good is that!! Crap, it will take forever, baring anything crazy, to hit 2200.00. We rarely have any reason to see a doctor, aside from my recent and unusual foot surgery. But they will not allow him to work there without some coverage and since I am laid off my insurance expires on the 31st. I am still going to make calls and try to get into see the OB and get a mamogram ASAP if I can fit it in. I don't even expect all companies to offer the type of coverage like the coffee place, but I think his company managed to find the bottom of the barrell coverage!!

So later today I am going to get on the OBES web site and file online. I can only imagine what sort of SNAFU's are going to come along with that little slice of heaven!! Although I am sipping a pinot grigio and hope that will help to make it more of adventure. It is still muggy and warm enough today to call for a pinot grigio.


Sam Spade said...

Good news/bad news...I checked for tickets to the Columbus shows and there are no tickets to be you don't have to be a stalker(unless you wany to:-)

Dharma said...

Thanks & too bad. :-( I am sad, but elated to know that it's too full for me to miss not going. I sure would have loved to though. Wouldn't you?

Sam Spade said...

Yes,it would have been great!The G.O.P. convention may be in Cleveland,so with any luck you will miss that,too

Mixter said...

I don't envy you your unemployment/health insurance mess. Too bad our current administration doesn't actually give a rat's patootie about scenarios such as yours.

I wish you good luck finding your dream job!


Dharma said...