Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last I'll say About the Gulf & Unemployment SNAFU's Continue & Shopping for School Stuff with a Teenager

The last thing that I want to say about the Katrina mess was summed up best by Paul Krugman who is a columnist for the New York Times. In an article titled," From Gulf to Gulf, a Trail of Broken Promises", he sums it up best when he says that the "failure to get moving on reconstruction reflects lack of leadership at the top". He also states that"the Bush administration likes to talk about all the money it has allocated to the region, and it plans a public relations blitz to persuade America that it's doing a heck of a job aiding Katrina victims. But as the Iraqis learned, allocating money and actually using it for reconstruction are two different things, and so far the administration has done almost nothing to make good on last years promises." He also speaks about the $18 billion that he asked Congress to allocate for Iraqi reconstruction it turned out that only 2% of what had been asked for had been spent for a handful of projects. The gulf Coast is the same. Monies asked for, but nothing to show for it. Lots of talk, but little action.

I apologize as I wish I new how to find the actual article and link it for you all nice and tidy, but as a novice I have not yet gotten that handy!! Soon I hope.

So, I get several e-mails from ODJFS telling me that I had some very important messages from them and I had better check my web site for timely info. So I try to log on to get these messages and don't you know that the web site tells me that I do not have an existing account!!! After I spent that time on the phone, the other day, talking to the live person and setting it all up they say I don't exist!! I am going to scream, although even if I scream today I am sure this is not the last time that there will be road blocks where my dealings with them are concerned. So I am waiting for the office open so I can call the 1-800 number and find out where the gliches are in the matrix.

I had SOOO much fun during the final running stages getting those last items with my son yesterday. He is 16 and going into the 10th grade. I can't complain about his clothing choices because , by today's standards, he is a "low maintainance" kind of kid. Name brands and labels are really not something that he is concerned about. So we can buy most regular jeans, just a bit baggy, we don't do the "look at my boxers" look. He is a skater, and has been since he was 10, and goes more for vintage tees etc. He once raided his dads closet and was thrilled to have all those 70's shirts. Fine by me. With his new height and weight we had to try on jeans, something that we both hate, and find out the new size. By the time that was over we were ready to go home. Not to mention the traffic and crowds at the stores. We live in a college town and those students are all back and so the traffice and jay-walkers were abundant. CRAZY!!!!!!!! I was happy to get home and have a glass, or two, of wine. We selected a cheap, but useful book bag that may last a few months because he is really hard on them. He carries tons of crap in it as well as his skateboard on weekends when he goes on his bike to the skateparks.

We were able to find many cool tee shirts, for awesome prices, at a local outlet. I think $5.99 was the most costly shirt. Two were cool Grateful Dead tees. Although don't think that he is a stoner, just likes music as he is a musician too!! I was never a huge fan.

Got him up at 7:30 this AM in preparation for the first day of classes tomorrow and he is nearly comatose. Without me going to work tomorrow and driving him to class we are off to an unusual fall. Dad will be dropping him off and I will be starting my new life as student and unemplyed house frau.

Let's see what happens next. As another blogger said, Indigo Luna, it will be interesting to see what the universe has in store for me!!


The Drew said...

I always liked Speed racer..Astro Boy,too.Don't worry,too much about your paper work,it will get cleared up.I know you are somebody...and a good somebody to boot. One of my boys is doing a homework project(yes they are already back to school-yesterday was even picture day)about our government wanting to privatize relief efforts in case of natural disasters.So,the National Guard will not be helicoptering you out,but Wal-Mart...who will then not just charge the govt,but you & me as well for the ride.This outsourcing is already common in the services etc.People serving the army their food are getting paid more then the army.Haliburton was rewarded no bid contracts because ,as our V.P. said,Haliburton already knows how to do the why did Haliburton,then,'outsource' these jobs then?...Aaaaww,geez,you got me started.

Good Luck on your son's first day of school

Anonymous said...

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon on wheels...

I haven't done much back-to-school shopping yet. We got some clothes a little while ago, but that was at Goodwill. Lucky for me, my daughter a) is cheap like me, and b) knows that you can get good clothes cheap there.


Dharma said...

We love Goodwill!! I often take big bags of clothes and they give you a 20% off coupon. Hit the right day and you can get even better deals. My son loves to look for cool, old man pants like plaids and jackets.