Friday, August 25, 2006

On Transitions, Feeling Joy & Books

"I let go of power struggles. Whenever I encounter power struggles or people who are negative, I connect with my soul and draw on its joy."

That was part of yesterdays reading/meditation of the week. Something that I am trying very hard to do. Let go of the negativity I allow myself to take in from other people. I did not realize what a difficult thing it was to do. Especially since some of them can be our friends and / or family. Wow. This working on onesself is a diificult journey, but certainly one that makes you sit up and take notice.

"I am a source of joy to others. My joy lifts others and makes their burdens easier to carry. I bring light to everyone around me through my expression of soul joy". This is what I aim to be. This is what I hope to be able to do through whatever life work I may fall into.

Which brings us to the whole bit about transitioning. Hard to feel like a job applicant and student once again. It is rather humorous to be a little nervous about interviewing for a job at a coffee house mega giant. Especially when you are just a little bit more grown up than the rest of the staff, including the manager!! But.... I am almost giddy at the prospect of working there. No, not like you might think for the free pound of coffee that they give you weekly, although a nice perk,BUT because it is a change from the past 5 years and I never really expected to be changing life careers again.

Then there will be registration for the EMT class either Monday or sometime that week. Studying again, homework again. Thank goodness I have lost weight over the last 3 years and will not look hidious in those hospital scrubs!! I know I am smart and I also know that I can do this. I will just have to really do my work and take it much more seriously than I did with some of my college course work. Which age helps to play a roll here too. Maturity and cash out of pocket does tend to make one approach things a bit more seriously.

So this morning I am off to get the bandage changed on my foot and receive directions on a soaking process etc. and then the job interview at 1:45. The fun just never ends!!

Time for some green tea and antibiotics. Can't wait to be able to actually put weight on the foot so I can get back to my daily tai-chi. Just a few more days I would imagine.

I know that I have not done any waxing politically yet, but I am just getting into the swing of things here and if I began a rambling epistle on poilitics I might have 5 or 6 more paragraphs here!! Although I have to say that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been so "right on" with its commentaries on the current poitical scene lately that if you haven't been watching you might think about giving it a try & if you already are then you know what I mean.

And let me also add that I would like to discuss literature as well, but I am not personally reading anything good right now. I am trying to help my son get through his "dry as a frickin' bone" required summer reading for his college prep English class. Can I just tell you that as an English teacher I even find this book to be deadly boring!!!!!! Even I am having a hard time and that is why we are reading it outloud at the table together. It would put the poor kid in a coma.

And with that........ I bid you all a fond farewell for today as I must hobble to the bathroom and prepare for the day. Live long and prosper.


Sam Spade said...

Hi,Dharma,first off,great blogging,i love reading blogs by people that actually have something to say:-)I do believe that you DO bring JOY to others.You do to me.While during my layoff I have felt like a cut up log slowly drying up,you seem more like new growth sprouting up from the ground willing and able to do new things.This in itself is a source of JOY for me.You go girl.

Good luck at your interview,and continued healing of your foot.I am enjoying your blog.have a great day

Dharma said...

Well, thanks Sam. Although I know, deep in my heart, that I don't try hard enough and the old notions of "getting even" and "one ups-man-ship" still creep back into my realm of thinking. It is a daily journey/struggle to try and beat them back and to try and be the better person.

The Drew said...

In my opinion it is not in the trying to beat them back,but in how you use them>Even St.Paul says to fight the good fight,to race to fact,is some cases it could be said that letting someone win,is not always in their best interest.Maybe because you see where you can improve you don't always see where you have improved.As the prophet Billy Joel once said,"You can see where you are wrong,but you can't always see when you are right.You're right."You may not know it,but you are always a source of strength to me.As Robin Williams said in goodwill hunting,"what most people see as flaws is the good stuff.The stuff worth having."Or something of that sort."That's all I have to say about that."

Anonymous said...

I think you would be great as an EMT! You are definitely have the great personality needed to help people.


Dharma said...

Thanks Mixter!! I am thrilled to have you stop by, although I do not think that I will ever have your chops for touching on the poilitical nerev of society.