Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unbelieveable & Unacceptable

I could barely contain my anger as I read this Time Magazine article about an Atheist couple that are being denied adoption.

I can not even believe that, in the year 2009, there has to be any debate about this issue. Or non-issue as I see it.

A person, or a couples, belief system should not come into play at anytime during an adoption proceeding. Raising good kids does not mean that you have to inject their little heads with all kinds of fictional Bible stories to make them good people. Force them to wear dresses and ties and go to church on Sundays and sit still for hours on end as they listen to pompous religious leaders telling them how they are going to burn in hell.

The idea of adopting is to make sure that the people are safe and not kooks. Their belief in a Big Guy in the Sky should make no difference in whether they can afford to raise and care for children or if they have a clean home that is safe from all childhood dangers. The lack of a God belief is not nor should it be a qualifier.

The idea of judges making "God belief" a necessary element for adoption is appalling. Good people are good people and I, for one, am tired as hell of the demonizing of Atheists and non-believers.

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