Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death Proof

Yes, I am a bit behind the times. I just watched Death Proof last night for the first time. It most certainly will not be the last!!!

I have been a Quentin Tarrentino fan for many years, but just never took the time to go see the Grind House movies when they were in the theatre. Last night a good friend invited me, and a nice bottle of wine, over to watch Death Proof. I LOVED it!!

I have always found Kurt Russell hot, especially the older version, but in this film he looks especially good, BUT is a character like he has never played. A character like only Tarrentino could create. Never forgettable.

To be sure there is MUCH dialog!! Far more than I believe in any past films. You really have to watch and listen. As usual the characters are SOOOO multidimensional. Just some awesome lines. Many I wish that I could memorize and use in real life. So many references to his past work and homages to film noire that are Tarrentino trademarks.

As always it was also a visual treat! He puts so much into a scene that you have so many choices of what to look is hard to stay in one place. I saw a Brad Pitt interview for the new film, Inglorious Basterds, and he stated that Quentin knows very certainly how he wants his films to look etc. down to the most minute details. That is obvious to those of us who are fans.

By the end I was howling with laughter, dark as it may have been, and screaming with surprise. Not at all for the faint of heart. Those turned off by and violence, especially the dark and gratuitous sort, should not even bother to watch. If you are a fan of any sort of dark humor, and I mean really dark, and you might enjoy some crazy surprises and car crashes...then you should rent Death Proof. It is a solid, fun romp!!

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