Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They Got Me!

See this picture? Yes Virginia, this is what happens to people who take Benadryll and then drink a glass of wine as a chaser!

Sunday was about the hottest it has been all summer. I think that they said that the heat index was about 113. Factor in the humidity and it is easy to say that it was a miserable day. I got off work right in the midst of it.

My plan was to come home, get some wine and water my gardens. Little did I know that there was a clan of yellow jackets taking up a living space in the bricks of my basement! So when I was moving the hose around and beginning to water I was pissing them off. In that heat I think that they were quite angry!

So I got stung several times in my right shoulder and as I was dealing with that a few more of them got up the sleeve of my tee shirt, on the right armpit, and started to sting. I went running down the driveway screaming. Now here comes the part that really pisses me off! I was running with my glass of wine and I had to throw it and it broke all over my backyard! A seriously annoying waste of good wine.

My neighbors have seen me water with wine many times. I am sure that I have now solidified their thoughts of me as a raging,crazy drunk!!

I came in the house as soon as I was sure that there were no more on me and found some Benedryll to take. I sat down with my new glass of wine to watch one of my fave movies, "Underworld". John took this pic as the drugs and wine were beginning to work. Good thing I have seen that movie a zillion times!

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