Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome Basterds

I am a great lover of Quentin Tarrentino, as most of you know, and this latest film is no exception. As we were getting our tickets the girl warned us that it was very violent. I asked her if many people had complained. She said that some people had actually left and demanded their money back. So, I was ready for some good 'ol Tarrentino violence and gore!

I do not know what might have been wrong with those folks, but as his movies go this one was really low on both levels. I even described it to several people as somewhat lame by Tarrentino standards. Nowhere near the levels of Kill Bill or Death Proof. This film was more about his excellent skills at writing and weaving the dialog and the story.

I will be seeing this one again. There is such great dialog and the characters have some wonderful exchanges. I know that I missed many things and need to see it again to pick up on all the small details. As I have said before he has so much in every scene that I was busy looking at his visuals and sometimes missed what was going on with the actors.

As always he had small surprises and treats for those who follow his work. The addition of Samuel Jackson, who is in several of his films, as well as Harvey Kietel. Also it is interesting to see where and how he adds feet. he always has someone barefoot. In this film it was the German actress. Uma Thurman in two previous films.

I could go on forever, but will just stop here and say that it was such an enjoyable film I will go again and if you have not seen it you might think about giving it a try! Also I might add that it took what is a very boring subject, for me, and made it quite an interesting story.

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