Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vocabulary & Rice

"Learn, fight hunger, and kill time all at once". Doesn't that sound interesting? Do you spend any time playing solitaire or other games mindlessly on your computer? Well, now you can actually play a game, a cool word game, and donate rice. John Breen, a computer programmer, and anti-hunger activist created the game to prepare his son for his SAT test and to promote awareness of world hunger. Thus we have

I read about this fella and the web site at USA Today. I love to play word games. I love to to vocabulary, so this site was made for me. Every time you get the definition correct they go to harder and harder words. If you miss one they go back to an easier word. For every word you get correct they donate a certain portion of rice.

Within 3 months of the sites creation there were 500,000 visitors a day. Breen said that it took him four months to load 10,500 words and hes has now had to hire professionals to add about 1,000 more words and even harder words. The site was launched in October and by mid-January had been able to donate enough to feed 700,000 people for a day.

If you are a lover of words I highly recommend that you check it out and play. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably go back often. I love vocabulary. At the web site you can also read in depth about where the food goes etc.

Go, play, have fun and find out if you are a entomophagous kind of person!!


The Drew said...

I got to a 40 level before I became bored./\

Dharma said...

That's too bad. :-( I had to run errands and had to quit. I never get tired of words/vocab!!