Saturday, January 19, 2008

Religion and Democracy

"We've got to find a way to take the conservative symbolic message of faith talk out of American politics". Yes, yes and more yes!! This is the opening quote from an excellent article over at AlterNet.

"The candidates have been falling all over each other in their rush to declare the depth and sincerity of their religious faith". I for one am sick and tired of hearing it. How have they brought, what should be a private and personal matter, in to the arena of the election. I know that God et al has always been something that politicians like to talk about and how strongly they believe, but I for one would rather hear about more important things such as ; rising costs, lack of health care, job security and the problems with our educational system.

The article does point out that both sides have made use of the whole God tactic, but that the conservatives are much more adept and playing the "God machine". Besides we all know that the Evangelicals have a hearty lobbying group in Washington and a hold on many parts of the country. They have had their fingers in religious pies for some time.

The article makes many excellent point and you should take the time to read it. I simply can not do it the justice that it deserves.

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