Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peace, Music , Birthdays & Cool Shoes

Well, another birthday has come and gone. Good times, good times. Hey, YT I want you to get a look at the cool peace sign necklace that the hubby gave me for my birthday! He knows how much I love them. It sparkles!! Thought you might appreciate it.

Along with said peace sign I also got those uber-cool black and zebra print Dr. Martens. They are my fave new shoe. Since black is a very important part of my wardrobe they will get plenty of wear. I bought myself a new CD that we are currently selling at the coffee mega giant. It is called,"Across the Pond" and it is a 14 song collection of the best and brightest new musicians from over yonder. England, Ireland, y'know... across the BIG pond! It is one of the few cd's that I have purchased, not burned, where every single track is fantastic. It covers everything from blues to rock. The sultry tones of Amy Winehouse to the rock of The Fratellis. The sassy lyrics of Lily Allen and the sultry voice of Alice Russell. If you don't want to pay our prices I just saw it on eBay for .99 cents!! It is an awesome mix and I have not stopped listening to it yet!

Went out to dinner with friends one night and the fam the next. All in all a very nice time. Oh yeah, I also had my hair color touched up and a trim. I think the fresh color looks awesome! I love my hairdresser!!

John has left today for Oman and will go directly to Australia following that. Looks like he will be gone about 2 months, so I am glad that we are able to have some quality birthday/family time.

I like to have a few cocktails, as much as the next person, but the crazy nights out are not all that they once were. It's mostly the hangover that I try to avoid these days.


The Drew said...

Hello,Dharma,nice pics:-)You must be a fun gal to be around.
To my surprize,I have actually have heard of some of the artists on your cd...and no surprize that I like them...

..what are those cookies?

Dharma said...

They are delicious!! Called Oreo Cookie Balls. I made them for myself instead of a cake. They are decadent.