Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Adults with Issues

When I first heard this story I was totally blown away. As an adult, and a parent, I could not imagine participating in an activity like this , or having it happen to my child. Max and I actually talked about it and he was totally stupefied that a "grown-up" would behave in such a manner. I do believe in this situation we will find that this lady is far from "grown-up" and probably a pretty immature woman.

The basics of the story involve a 13 year old girl that had been posting and writing on My Space. Like most kids her age she was yakking and trying to meet kids/boys etc. Then she thought that she had hit pay dirt. Some 16 year old boy was showing an interest. The talked for several weeks. Then one day he began to get nasty and tell her that he thought that she was worthless and that she ought to just kill herself. Well, she did. Her parents found her hanged in her bedroom.

It turns out that the "boy" that she was talking to was really a woman in her 30's, that lived down the street, and she & her own daughter were playing a terrible prank on this girl. They wanted to see how she felt about this woman's daughter and I believe there might have been some bad blood between the girls. I do not remember from the first reports. They lived right down the street. These parents all knew each other.

I have so many questions about this situation, but mostly as a parent how could anyone do this to someones child? Knowing how sensitive they are in the teen years how could any adult suggest suicide? I still am shocked by this. What kind of example is she setting by sitting there and doing this in front of her daughter and possibly her friends? I am sure that she has probably not been an exemplary parent, based upon these actions, she has some empty areas as far as parental skills.

Now, there are some law enforcement types looking in to ways that they might pursue this and find some justice for this girl and her family. I am sure that it is very difficult knowing what happened, living in the same neighborhood and knowing that there may be nothing that can be done. They sure have some nerve to stay in that neighborhood! Her husband says that he had no idea what they were doing, and that may be true, but unless their computer is totally out of sight, how do you not walk past and not ask what a group of people are doing sitting around as people IM each other?

I am happy to see that it is just not going away and I hope that this family is able to have justice for what was done to their daughter.


The Drew said...

Hi,Dharma,this story sucks all the way around.that poor girl killing herself.How terribly sad.I hope that mother and daughter remember what they have done for a long time.How could anyone be so heartless?

Anonymous said...

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