Saturday, January 26, 2008

Promoting Those That Like to Promote.......

Seems that the Bush administration likes to keep promoting those that like to promote torture. Can we say that at least they are consistent? Like you I am tired of the antics that these guys continue to pull day in and day out. They have no regard for anyone or anything. They just keep on truckin'. Doing whatever they believe to be in the best interests of those around them and those that they continue to be involved with. It is insane.

Seems that they have re-nominated one of their favorite pro-torture lawyers to a top DOJ post. Steven G. Bradbury . He is the author of classified memos that went out to allow,"...harsh interrogation techniques, including head slapping, exposure to cold, and simulated drowning, even when used in combination". My god, how can people go home at night at not think about this stuff? Simulated drowning!! How does he get through the weekend barbecue and not think about the other human lives that he is forcing this behavior upon?

If and when things change, in the White House, where will these people go? Will any of their old Washington buddies find jobs for them? Will they pen their life stories? Go out on the speaking tour? How cavalierly will they sweep aside and dismiss their actions and feel like they were completely justified. Maybe I just have more of a conscious they they because I know that if it were me I would not sleep very well. Maybe they have nightstands full of sleep aids. It is also quite sad that they have been given the power and authority, from the powers that be, to commit and allow all of these atrocities.


The Drew said...

Hi.Dharma,great post.I suppose you have heard of the 'Peter Principle'.It states that ,'a person will be promoted to the place to which they are incompetent,and that is were they will stay.'
If this is true...then this administration is filled with a bunch of small fuzzy weiners and one wringled old Dick.

Anonymous said...

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