Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome Wagon

It has been some time since I have linked any new material and today is the day! Two new and diverse links have been added for your reading pleasure....or not. I guess it depends on your slant or maybe lack of slant.

The first is, Mother Jones News, for those of you that like to get smart , fearless journalism. It is a site for you! They have a large magazine and many, many news topics to choose from. It will be a good place to go during the election as well.

The second is an excellent little blog titled "Dooce". I fell upon it as a link at another blog that I like to read Indigo Luna, and liked it immediately! The author and I have some things in common, and as she calls it, we are both "recovering Mormons". Yes, I was once a fully covered and non- coffee drinking member of that organization/church. Hard to believe when you consider the coffee mega giant that I work for and top that with my political slant and you have a lethal combo!

If you go to her bio she has some very funny things to say about that topic. Once you are "out" there are many things you can write about in a very humorous way. I never attended BYU, couldn't afford it, and I am thankful for that! Also I did not have a family that belonged to the church, so I did not have anyone pushing me to attend that university.

This is one reason why I know so much about Mormons and their business and why I raise an eyebrow at Mitt Romney and his presidential bid. Not that religion should play any role, but with Mormons it runs their entire life. It IS their life. Everything flows around the church and doctrine and tells you how to live your life.

Anyway, as for this new blog, check her out, she is funny. I know I laughed. She is personal and does not seem to be too political. I like to keep up the variety in my reading and like to toss it out there for you folks as well. Besides, I like her title , "Valedictorian of Bottom Feeders".


The Drew said...

Hello,Dharma,I was just reading that the man that is in charge of Battlestar Galactica is a Mormon and uses Mormon mythology in the show.

My old Mormon girlfriend was/is one of the sweetest gals I know:-)

Thanks for these blogs.The Mother Jones is very informative-too much so-it really pissed me off about our main stream media-Mixter will really like it

Thanks for blogging and sharing your thoughts with us

Dharma said...

Is he currently or an ex? Interesting.

Dharma said...

Is he currently or an ex? Interesting.