Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Buzz, Britney & 2008 Election Headache

Here it is, only Feb. 2007, and I am already tired of the election! Mostly, I am already sick & tired of the ugliness and mudslinging. This has all the markings of a very ugly mess. I am tired of all the nasty articles and name calling, all the dirt digging and the Hollywood brouhaha. I know that it is politics as usual in this day and age, but I guess I am getting tired of it. I am tired of hearing about a "woman" president or a "black" president. People, there are much more important issues!!! Hello!! This whole new thing about David Geffen and the Clintons and Obama is just putting me over the edge and a few blogs I have read said that this stuff is doing nothing more than tipping things in favor of John Edwards.
I used to really enjoy election years. I used to read several papers and the internet devouring as much as I could about the candidates and issues, but if this is going to keep up I may just back off and just skirt the issue.
She's in, she's out, she's back in again. Now they are talking to some former nannies of this messed up pop princess. Seems like she was looking for friendship as well as child care. How sad. I think that her life may have become so full of "yes" people and those who were looking for something that she had to go out and shop or hire someone to be a friend. She is messed up. How unfortunate that she has two small children in this world. Did she think she had found Mr. Right and that having two kids together would cement their forever after? Hopefully the girl can get the help she needs.
The other book that I am reading now, " A Long Way Gone , memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah has been receiving a good deal of press and rightly so. It is being sold at the coffee mega giant and we had read a short release. It was not a very large book and so I picked it up. It has been riveting!! The young man that wrote the book has been on The Daily Show and even Jon Stewart said," I've rarely read a book that makes my head hurt, but this really does." On Thursady March 1st I am going to a coffee mega giant, near the Cleveland area, where the young man will be doing a signing and Q & A session for the book. If I were still teaching it would be one that I would have my high school kids read. Talk about a person who had to deal with and overcome the worst of life situations. An excellnt and a fast read if any of you are interested. A strange clash of words to be reading the Dalai Lama at the same time.
Also, in final news, I did get offered an EMS job in that city where I interviewed. I am going to get my physical and drug screen on March 2nd and then will see what hours etc. they have available. Lucky for me they are looking for days and that will mean that I do not have to have a whacked out sleep situation on some kind of midnights. I plan to try and hold on to the coffee job because I like the "perks" and there is one in the town where I will be working and I'll be able to drop in and continue to get the great discount!!


Mixter said...

An EMS day job? Suh-weet! Congrats!


Dharma said...

Yep, I know. Here I thought it was going to be shuffling midnights and sleeping days etc. Not so. I am very lucky AND my instructor told me to call her with the choices that they offer me and she will help me decide what shift to work. See, she works for the same city and wants to make sure that I get in with a crew that I will mesh with best so that I will stay with the job. That is also nice.