Sunday, February 25, 2007

Starbucks, Mitt Romney & Star Obsessions

It is almost an oxymoron to have Mitt Romney & Starbucks in the same sentence, let alone the title of this post! But since he is among the gagle of contenders for President it is all fair game and open to discussion.
Romney is going to be facing many issues that go along with his Mormonism. As one of many articles has pointed out recently, many people have problems with his faith, or however they perceive his religious affiliation. The majority of conservative Christians & Evangelicals find them to be a cult. Aside from reading this I know first hand. When I was attending a modern and evangelical type church, in my town, when they saw that I was a recovering Mormon they thought that I had been a member of a cult. I assured them that it wasn't quite that bad and that I wasn't even a very good one in that I drank copious quantities of coffee and had already damned my self in their eyes anyway.
My biggest problem with Mitt is not that faith in particular but, like Bush, he believes that the President must lead with a strong faith and I do not like that. he said, " I'm convinced the nation does need... to have people of different faiths but we need to have a person of faith lead the country." You mean, like we do now? That makes me very uncomfortable. I prefere to have my President one that goes to some church, but does not use his religion as a guide while in office and does not talk to God or use Him/Her as a cabinet member! More as an appearance issue. They attend on all the respectable holidays etc., but do not use it as departmental policy. When you are a Mormon it IS your entire life. There is nothing outside of the church.
They say that he is trying to court the extrememly conservative Republicans that have lost faith, no pun, in McCain and Guiliani. Well, I happen to think that Guiliani has very healthy ideas about abortion gay rights etc. He is the more well-rounded choice for them, in my opinion.
Then we move on to the coffee mega giant. Seems that they are receiving much press these days for their over-diversification and making their service speedier. But then, in another article, they are talking about entering in to a marketing plan with Pepsi to have machines where you can get hot coffee from vending machines in hallways! Even before I worked there it was always the atmosphere that I was attracted to along with the product. I love to sit and sip my latte while I read the current papers or their current book all the time listening to the tunes of the moment. They do usually play good music there. I have bought several of the CD's that they sell. They often introduce new groups as well. That is where I learned about Antigone Rising.
Fame, money and trying to hold on to it, and the men that try to get at it. These can be some of the factors that help lead these Stars into the dark abyss that makes them the fodder for news shows, talk shows and tabloid journalists. Dateline had an intersting perspective about why people continue to watch the circus that is the life of these young girls.
Well, now the fun begins. The ice storm has gone through and if I want to get to the coffee shop today I am going to have to be careful not to fall on my ass. otherwise I'll be giving first aid to myself!! We had the good sense to cover the car with tarps, since the garage is too full to park in, and we don't have to chisel it out of an ice sculpture. When I went out to put out the bird seed I felt like I was an attraction in Disney on Ice. Although I do not think, given the way I looked, I would have passed for any Disney Princess this AM.
So, it is off to the showers and latte nirvana. Heres wishing you all a "grande" day!!

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