Monday, February 12, 2007

...And in Other News.....

One would have to have been a monk in a monastary to have missed the recent news tsunami about Anna Nicole Smith and her death. I listened, in passing, the first day and moved on with my life. There are much more important things going on in the world, but can you tell?

There was a great little piece at CBS about why people care to continue with the speculation. Nancy Giles says that, "Maybe it's time to stop rubbernecking the human train wrecks, and pay more attention to people who actually contribute something positive to our lives." So true!

You know what she is talking about because you have been there on the roadways as traffice slows to a crawl and you finally get up there and see what everyone was rubbernecking to see. The general public has a bloodlust mentality when it comes to tabloid type people and their activities. How else can you account for the lasting appeal of the Star and National Enquirer magazines?

The 39 year old, named Vickie Lynn Hogan, at birth had all the qualities of a co-dependent addictive personality from the time she married her senior citizen hubby up till the minute she died. One of her last interviews, played over & over, showed signs of being high on something. It is very sad that her son died and that she left a newborn baby behind. Often after a trainwreck it is the survivors that have to figure out a way to carry on with their lives. This little baby girl has no idea.

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