Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rescue Me

It's baaaaaccck!!!!! Yes! Tonight the new season of Rescue Me, my very favorite show, begins again. Twenty two brand new episodes to watch Denis Leary & pals in one of the finest shows cable TV has to offer. from what I have read this season is going to be great and Michael J. Fox is appearing in several of them as a recurring character.

I have been waiting for many, many months for this excellent show to return. If you have not ever watched it you might enjoy the excellent writing and fast paced stories. I will only be disappointed when it is finished. Then I will have to go out and purchase the entire series on DVD. Until I began to watch this show I was never totally sold on Denis Leary......this certainly changed my mind.

Let me also just mention the fun that I was able to have, on one of my last days of my "mini" vacation. As I was sitting on the paper, on top of the examining table, I just knew that this had to be a blog topic! While I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the doctor to even appear I planned out sentences and paragraphs.

I had decided that I had put off this appointment for long enough, since it has been about 7 years since my last trip, and might as well use this open ended time as a chance to get my lazy butt in there.

Yes ladies, I am talking about the, "take everything off, opening in the front, paper sheet", trip to the doctor!! I know 7 years is too long between visits, especially once you hit the big 4-0, BUT.... it is also a trip that I hate to make time out of my day to do AND it just sucks so much time out of an otherwise good day!

I did get right in, but then sat, in said gown and sheet, for a good 30 minutes. While sitting there and counting ceiling tiles I somehow managed to tear a big hole in my exquisite paper sheet, can it really be called a sheet, and thought, "well that's really going to be of use now!"

I really like her and we did manage to cover many good and important topics. I have a few small cysts in the breasts probably caused by the two main ingredients in my life; stress and caffeine. I have to wait and hear how the other stuff is functioning. That god the tools they use are now plastic and not the old school cold metal of our younger days!

Thursday I get to go and get my breast mashed for fun!! Next time I take any kind of vacation....someone remind about the things I should not schedule during that time!! Thank you very much.

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