Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kids, Kids Everywhere

When we had a small child we either got a babysitter or we didn't go out. Period. Now it seems like there are either no more babysitters for hire, or people have just gotten so self-centered that they think that the entire world will love their little precious ones!

Last night some friends, and I, took my mom out to a fun adult style place for food and drinks. It was her 75th birthday. As an aside I consider myself very fortunate that my mom is still in such good health that she does not take any kind of medication!

We began the evening about 5:00PM and sat ourselves in the bar area. Which, as we saw, ended up being such an excellent idea! Sitting next to the windows we could not believe how many families were coming in with small toddlers and babies in carriers. What fun would it be for the babies in the carriers, not to mention how much fun for the folks sitting in those areas.

One thing that I just find intolerable on a night of fun is sitting around people who think that their kids are adorable and the fact that they are squirming in and out of their chairs cutesy. Are you kidding me? Maybe it is the fact that the parents must use the phrase," Get in your chair"!, several dozen times. Maybe the kids throwing stuff like crayons and chicken tenders is enough to make the hair stand on the back of your neck.

What ever it might be, it is enough to make you crazy that these people can afford to go out to an upscale eatery, rather than McDonald's, but not enough to get a babysitter and give the rest of us a break from their kids! We all have either raised our kids or they are nearly gone and would like to go out to adult establishments and NOT be subjected to small children!!

Yes, we did sit in the bar and therefore did not subject ourselves to the nursery school that was the general seating area. Based upon what we saw coming and going, in the four hours that we were there, it was evident that by the time the parents were finished getting the french fries and chicken fingers for their brood the poor server would be lucky to get a marginal tip! It would all have been spent by the time the check came.

Everyday it becomes more and more evident as these parents take their kids in to places where the majority of the crowd is adult. Kids running up and down isles and around tables in an atmosphere where kids are not really liked or appreciated. Yet the minute that you run into or spill something on or knock down one of these little darlings is when you get sued!!

All I am saying is that there are family/kid friendly places and there are not. If adults want to go could they please just decide which type of place they wish to go and make it happen. Get a sitter and go adult, or grab the baby carrier and head to McDonald's or any place with a playground or any type of fun meal/happy meal or chicken tenders or nuggets.

Plus any kind of drink that comes in a plastic cup with a lid and straw!!

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