Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Dangers of Moving Stuff

Monday I worked an eight hour day, a day that was especially stressful, and I had to move some furniture that was new to me. My boss and his wife were getting new stuff, so we gave them a small amount of money and had to make arrangements to get the other stuff to our house.

My friend, who has a van, agreed that he would assist. Then I decided to rent a U-Haul and get it all done in one move. There was a seven foot couch, love seat and a large over stuffed chair with a large foot stool. With a van it would have been, back and forth, six trips! After a full day of work I knew that it would not be fun moving furniture into the night.

I got home from work and Max had gotten the house ready and the old couch was ready to move out to the curb. After about 40 minutes of struggling Max & I just could not get it out. I was getting more tired and frustrated. My pal showed up and he and Max got it right out. Then we went and picked up the truck.

Having driven an ambulance I got the same size truck It was a ten foot truck and I knew that it would be big enough. We got there, got it loaded right quick and headed back to my house. This is where the REAL fun began!

I pulled up in front of my house, my buddy was following, and turned on the emergency flashers. Promptly opened the door, put my left foot out the door......and fell right into the street!! Dropped like a rock the three or four feet onto my brick street!

I could not even grab anything or stop myself. I hit hard on my left shoulder and just barely help my head up, which caused me to jerk my head violently. I was stunned and could just roll onto my stomach to get myself up. My friend pulled up right behind me and rolled the window down to ask if I was okay.

We managed to get everything in the house, but here I am a few days later, and I am SOOO stiff and sore that I can hardly move. I have so many stiff muscles. Neck, shoulder, pecs, back,,,,hell, all of them! I slept like crap last night because I could not get comfortable in any position.

Friday I am either going to have to go see the chiropractor , or my friend at work, has offered a free pass that she has for an hour massage. All I know is that I need something!! This just solidifies the fact that I hate moving stuff!!

I am enjoying sitting my stiff butt on this newer love seat though!

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