Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nice Day for a Ride

Even though it was only in the 30's it felt like a heat wave after temps in the single digits!! The sun was out and Max and I were both doing some thing out in the yard, so Casey was out with us chasing tennis balls like there was no tomorrow.

Max opened the doors to his car, to clean it and the windows, and she thought that she was going for a ride. So we just open both doors and she will hop in and sit, or lay, in the car like she thinks she is going somewhere. We finish what we are doing and she will either lay there or jump out and chase more tennis balls.

Then I went over to a girlfriends, bottle of The King in hand, and we spent the afternoon eating cheese fondue with fruit and veggies. Then a white chocolate and red raspberry fondue with Girl Scout cookies to dip and whole marshmallows. A totally decadent and wonderful afternoon.

I did not do anything, these two days off, that can count for much, BUT my mental state is in excellent shape. That is what counts.

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