Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The King and the Watchmen

As one who is often looking for a new wine to try I settled last night for some grapes of "The King". I just could not pass it up. Look at that label! How could I not spend the $10.99 to enjoy a nice Cabernet from Graceland? After a long five days of working, I know that is not a big deal, but when one is in the service industry it can really wear you down. We had an exceptionally busy week and I needed some serious down time. Lucky for me there is a wine store across the street and a quick stop on the way home. Also, lucky for me, I have the next two days off. More time to get acquainted with the King. By the way, it's not bad!

This Friday I am SO paying full price to go and see The Watchmen!! The reviews are saying it is going to be great. I can already see that it is going to be a visual treat and one that should be seen on the big screen. I can't remember the last movie I saw at the theatre, I think it was Hancock or Batman, and have not been this excited to see one in some time. There are just some movies that don't make the transition to DVD at home and this looks like one of them.

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