Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Happiness Factor

Seems that in these times of economic crisis people are always looking for and interested in information about getting and / or staying happy. I have been a student of the search for several years now. I have come to the conclusion that I can find it and have it whenever I need to, although sometimes it is a bit more difficult to sustain. Especially in these times that we find ourselves in, where we must tighten our budgets and learn to work and live in new ways etc.

Slate magazine has been publishing a series on the search for and what the myths are about happiness.

The series is interesting and makes for a good read. There are things that I agree with as well as not. They do not believe that spending time alone can make you happy. I disagree. Some of the best time that I have spent has been time that I have been alone and devoted to my personal interests. Reading and writing are two things that really are best when done alone. A few years back when I made the move to do these things on a regular basis I feel that I greatly enhanced my happiness level. It still works to this day.

I definitely agree with the idea that a "treat" can cheer you up! Sometimes just a cup of coffee or a lipstick can make my day go from grey to sunny. I have been know to become quite ecstatic at the purchase and use of a new razor!! It can make one quite giddy.

I have also found that when I am happier I attract a better attitude from those around me, especially at work. When I am happier my family is happier. I guess it is a circle.

In these times it can be very difficult. There are things that seem to try our patience at every corner. Finding the rainbow or silver lining can be tedious at best. In my experience it may take some time to find that one thing, or the many things, that can work for you. The day I began to journal was the beginning for me. It also became the best outlet ever! I really look forward to those days.

Not to say that I don't have my dark days or times, but they are becoming much shorter in duration. I have found several things that work for me and I will quickly go to them. With the world wide web at our finger tips it is easy to find the things that can work for you. Your pot of gold at then end of the rainbow.

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