Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coffee Cake Jesus or Maybe Wilson

Today at work a lady decided that she did not want this piece of blueberry coffee cake. After I took it out of the bag I saw what appeared to be a face! Was it that of a heavenly being? Like Jesus or Mary in a grilled cheese? In the wood grain of a door? No, it looked more like "Wilson" from the Tom Hanks movie where he was alone on that deserted island. So, we named him Wilson and took a few pictures of him around the coffee shop. I wonder how long we can keep him? I wonder if I should try and sell him on E-Bay or should I wrap him up in plastic for all time and eternity. All hail Wilson!!

This is the second time this weekend that I have gotten caught up in watching, "American Beauty". I just can not ever get passed it on the dial. I love that movie. So, I have basically done nothing but work and nap and eat a bit and watch this movie. Although there is no reason to feel badly...... I have learned to love these days of doing nothing of real consequence!! They are rejuvenating. There are plenty enough days to get things done and do those things that make us feel as if we have been "productive".

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