Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Potpourri

Much like my pal, Mixter, it has been a few days since I last posted. I have been trying to avoid the news. I have felt a bit of a depression coming on and most of it is due to the economic news and current political climate. It is just not good.

So, this morning I decided to read about most anything that is totally unrelated to the economy. I have been reading every bit of fluff. Also working on Facebook. Something that I really never wanted, nor intended to do, but find that it is a nice mindless diversion. If you believe what CNN had to say about meeting people/friends on Facebook it seems to be a good/popular way to connect. Although they do say that those who are married or in a relationship can mess things up.

I only ever got on Facebook so I could hit up Mixter on her page. Then someone at work stumbled upon my page and from there I now have about a dozen friends hitting me up daily! I then felt that I had to add photos and other stuff just so it would not look so stupid or like I am not that savvy. It seems sometimes juvenile, but like I stated earlier, I am looking for mindless diversion. I can get on and see what people are doing, a friend from work just got a baby hedgehog, cute. I can see someone else's wedding pictures. I was able to post the pictures of John and I in our Snuggies.

Those of us that have ever had to deal with men who get laid off from their jobs are all too aware of the items that Newsweek has pointed out. It is nothing new to read that men basically define themselves by their ability to provide and when they can't EVERYONE"S stress level gets elevated. Not to mention that they are not exactly to be counted on to do much house work!

Spent the morning drinking coffee and watching a great show on Discovery channel. C alled Sunrise Earth. If you love the sounds of the ocean and a beautiful sunrise to begin your day you should check out this site/show. They are an hour long and you can wake up slowly in a non alarming way. They go to some fantastic sites to film. All around the world.

The rest of the day plans seem to include a few items at the store, like milk on sale for 1.99 and dog food, and then maybe some wine and basketball tonight. The Cavaliers are just an amazing team this year and too much fun to watch!! Another great diversion.

I just finished reading Denis Leary's great book
and highly recommends it. "Why We Suck". Not for anyone who is too into political correctness. A great, and humorous, diversion.

I have also been looking to a very wide variety of Internet articles, blogs and web sites. Mixter has a huge assortment of links on her blog that are well worth a stop and read. Anything that is of either intellectual value or personal improvement is where I am looking. Just another good way to take your mind away from that which can take you down or depress you.

So, I hope that you enjoy your weekend, coffee and browsing!! Take the time and divert yourself!!

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