Saturday, February 07, 2009

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Everyone knows that the coffee mega giant has been taking the hit for some time now. Stock prices falling, other places coming up with similar products at a lower price etc. All of this after the owner/CEO announced that he was taking the company "back to basics" meaning he wanted the focus to be on coffee and the coffee experience.

Well, let me tell you..... we all began to doubt his veracity and then along came the corporate jet. Then with the closing of the stores and the layoffs things began to get scary for many of us. Recently I told you about the cuts in our vacation benefits and hours earned.

Two days ago a guy shows up and he says that he is there to measure our store for the new warming ovens. Warming ovens!! That means food stuff with eggs and cheese and the like. We are all perplexed. In the financial times that we find ourselves in how can the chaps at the top find a reasonable excuse to purchase new equipment and have extra product sitting on shelves and in freezers?

Needless to say the company seems to be in a bit of a PR jam.
So they trot out an old "feel good" story and try to get public sympathy back on their side. This story was first aired in 2007!! The book came out well over a year ago and when it did we didn't even sell it!! Now, when we need some feel good news about the company they bring it out again.

Now, it is a good book and a great story, but nothing that is current news! I bought and read the book, and even blogged about it way back,but we all know that there is no reason to bring it back out. It seems very cheesy and tacky and for most people I doubt that it is going to make much difference in public perception.

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