Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Other Shoe

It is amazing what can happen in a day!

I came home yesterday, around 6:30PM, from work to find that John's job is on the chopping block. Yesterday they took them in and took away part of their pay, 10% to be exact, and 15% from the office staff. If the job in Qatar falls through he will probably be laid off very soon. The sultan, or whoever, has not yet paid for the machine and if he does not there will be no trip.

If there is a trip and we hope to milk it and stretch it out as much as we can. Then he will be finished. In the next 2-3 weeks we will know. This sucks. Now it is hitting very hard and with a really big punch in the face of reality! I am meeting with my boss today to talk about getting as much time as I can, but as of last night two people were let go at my place and another is getting let go today. I don't know how much chance I have of getting more clock time. Not looking too good.

John can obviously collect unemployment, but you all know how that goes! C ouple of weeks to process etc. etc., and it is never anywhere near the money that you actually used to make.

There are people here telling me that the machine industry and all that serve them etc. are really feeling the squeeze right now. A guy that frequents my coffee shop said that they are not selling to anyone unless they pay first. There are several companies that are not even paying their bills. Imagine that! In this economy...someone that can't pay a bill!!?? Unheard of!!

We are really glad that Max is leaving. Mostly because we will not have to worry about making ends meet when there is one less to care for and he will be making good money and have everything that he needs from the Navy.

I have to laugh though, the coffee mega giant claims to be in not such good circumstances and yet there was a guy there this week measuring for new warming ovens!! Warming ovens!! What a laugh. They plan to have us compete with the other places by selling breakfast food, but we are making less money, the employees are taking cuts left and right, but they can buy new equipment along with their new jet.

I hope you all plan to run out and get that new value meal when we put it on the market!! Keep me employed.

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